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Friday, 28 November 2014

Back to the log burner

Now that the internal walls have been completed i can now complete the install of my log burner. I have sanded the floor where the granite hearth will go and the hearth and the granite surround have been ordered. All i need to do now is to is paint the walls and i can put the granite in place.

The floor will sanded over the weekend and then it will be varnished and job done.
A local has a friend in the next village who will run all the flue pipework out through the roof. This is not something i want to do or even try as it has to be done right first time.

While all this sanding, rubbing down has been going on the house has never looked so sad and covered with dust. But a good couple of hours spent cleaning will soon have it looking nice again.

Loads done but no pictures

Much as i would like to put some more pictures for you to see i am only doing preparation work at the moment. I am no longer having a bath in my bathroom i am going to have a wet room. I have a tiler who did work for my friend up the lane from me who gave me a little advice as to preparing my walls for the tiles. Some of the cement render on the walls was a little loose and i was told it would be best to remove all the cement render and have the walls re- rendered. It's this i am doing at the moment, it's all OK taking of the loose render but the rest is being just a little difficult to remove.

Going into the bathroom from the new doorway i have cut means a step down of about 5inch's. The tiler said that it would be better to bring up the floor level so all i would have to do is walk in instead of stepping down into the bathroom. I am going to have to cut a hole in the floor so i can relocate the WC in the opposite corner to the sink and this will give me the best use of space. As a wet room i will be able to use most of the floor to put the under floor heating pad down.

All the cable for the under floor heating, extractor fan and the lights have been set into the wall. So i have got a lot done but not enough to show you but soon i will have pictures to show what all this time has been spent on.

Friday, 14 November 2014


On the left hand side of the screen i have a link to my other Blog . The Blog is really for people who see me at the markets as i have a list of all the Spices I stock  on the left hand side of the page. In time i will change the list so i can add the prices but at the moment due to lack of space i have only listed the product i have for sale. I now carry 100 items in stock and more will arrive in the very near future.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In print at last

A long time ago maybe as much as 25 years ago i meet my best mates eldest son  who was into computers in a big way. His dad told me he was going to write a book no problem there, all teenagers need something to do.

Talking to his dad this week i am told that Jason has now published his book Wow if he does one every 25 years it's not a good way to get rich. When i was told it was a children's book i was a little surprised as i was expecting something i could read as well.

I went onto Amazon the same night and paid for a copy of the book only to find i had loads of problems. I wanted to read the book using a program called Calibre and that with the Amazon site not mentioning it was not for me as i use Ubuntu Linux on my computers seems Windows or Apple, Kindle or Android devices. So what !! Amazon i will and did find a way and i sat down to enjoy what i expected to be a kids book, Oh no this is not your normal kids book.

This book is about a detective called Harry Webb. Going back more that 25 years i knew a builder called Spider in fact i employed him to do a big job for me, why does that have anything to do with this book. The detective in the book is a Spider yes an 8 legged spider. Soon the book will be in print for those who don't like reading on a computer or Kindle. Sorry forgot to say it's a Kindle book.

I don't need to promote Jason's book the book is good enough to stand on it's own. Thanks Jason i am enjoying having a good read about Harry and Liverpool.

This book only cost £0.99p from Amazon and yes their is a link to Amazon,