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Monday, 20 February 2017

Just got a new friend

While looking over my fruit trees this morning i spotted someone guarding them and i took a picture for you to enjoy.

He doesn't have a name yet and he is guarding my Lime tree.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Plasterboard up now for the ceiling.

All the battens are now up and the insulated plasterboard is now going up. Gone are the days when this room will be cold in the winter. The hard part is putting up the plasterboard up on the ceiling. I think i will get the scaffolding up and lift the boards up onto the top of the scaffolding where i find it easy to the put the boards up on the ceiling.

This was the easy part but the ceiling is not so easy.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

It's tiling time again

If it's one thing i dislike it's doing tiling. The wall as i go up the stairs was covered in a cement render and it was very rough to the touch. Removing the render was not a problem but replacing the render was going to be a problem. What do i put in it's place, a nice new smooth render or find another answer.

Looking through the spindles i need something that is really eye catching stead of the usual white that everything seems to be.

While in Leyroy Merlin i found some really nice tiles. It's not easy to imagine how they will look till you get them home. After putting some on the floor and on the stairs they looked how i imagined they would. Now the wall has to be insulated and then plaster boarded before the tiles go up.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Battens soon put up

It's such a nice day today so when i got my wall battens i decided to get started straight away. 

There is a slight gap at the top of the battens to allow for the ceiling to be lowered. Even the ceiling has to be insulated but first i have to lay in the cables for the lights and ceiling fan.

It got real dirty

I have ordered timber to batten the walls in the bedroom i am insulating and i ordered some extra battens for the wall as you go up stairs.  because the width of the stairs is not to great i removed the render from the walls.

When i batten the walls and put up the plasterboard i should end up with the width still the same as it was.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Food cost in France compared to Portugal

I have a friend who while travelling from the UK to not far from me called in Brittany for a few days to visit a family member of his. I mentioned to him about a cafe i called in and had a bowl of soup for a late morning snack. He told me he paid about 5€ for a bowl of soup and 7€ for a pint of lager. He is lucky after being here for a while house hunting he knows how cheap prices are. In the cafe i went to where i paid 1.10€ for a big bowl of soup and a bread roll to go with it.

Who knows how much a bowl this size would have cost in France. Also what good is bread if you buy it in the morning and by early evening it's hard as a lump of concrete.

Public school

I have a friend who has this weekend left the UK for a new life in Portugal. As he was about to leave he had some money outstanding for his temporary stay after he sold his house. He tells me the lady who owned the house he was staying in was educated at a private girls school well if that's the best she can do in her adding up i am glad i went to a state school.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Stair edging

Before i create the molding for the edge of the stairs i am making up some trim to get an idea of what it will look like finished. I am happy now with what i see so i will have to go downstairs and make the moldings for the stair edges.

I had posted a picture of the timber i was using before i made the moldings but changed it when i made the new molding. It's had one coat of varnish and after a fine sanding it will have another two coats and then it's finished.

Work goes on

Making the window frame for the upstairs bedroom window demands that as it's the first thing you see as you come upstairs there must be something to see first. First i had to laminate two pieces of wood together and that's the picture on the left.
The picture on the right is the two pieces laminated together but only sanded down and not varnished yet.
To me it's all about the end product and the look i get.


R.I.P Dave Pinnington

This afternoon i was told that Dave my best mate had passed away. There is still a chance he will outlast me. Dave has donated whatever organs the doctors can use how unselfish is that thinking of how he can help others.

I will miss the funeral as i want to remember all the times we had over the last nearly 40 years. There is a lot to remember over those years, lots of very good advice and help.

R.I.P Dave Pinnington.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Bad news is never welcome

Today i received an email from my best mates eldest son to let me know his Dad was ill and his chances of recovery where slim.

My mate Dave and i  saw each other often and it was because of him i am here in Portugal now. It all started after he came home from Portugal where he had been a Rep for the Camping and Caravan club at a site they have. Dave came home looking better than he had for years and i wanted some of  that, i wanted to feel and look that good so the search was on for me to have a holiday home but later changed to a home to retire to.

The search started for me in September 2007 when i joined an Expats forum called Expatsportugal where i am  still an active member to this day.  Most of the research i did was on this site and i eventually made my move. Over the years I would see Dave and Margaret on my trips over and if Dave knew i was coming over he often picked me up from the airport.

We would often pull each others leg because as he is older than me he was the old old man i was just old. Well Dave my prayers are with you and do please get better but if not i pray there is no pain.

I heard tonight that Dave had heart failure but Margaret kept him alive till the paramedics arrive and got him to hospital. After nearly two weeks it was decided to turn off the machines keeping him alive but he didn't pass away he is still here. Good on you Dave don't give up not yet. Dave signed up to be a transplant donor that's typical of Dave wanting to help others even his heart can still help with valves etc.

I told his wife Margaret I won't come over I would rather cherish the memories of him and the time we had than see him in a hospital bed.

The last time I saw him on parting he gave me grief for loosing the girl of my dreams, not often he was serious about anything.

God bless Dave.