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Friday, 19 January 2018

My tank window

For a very long time i have wanted to get back into tropical fish. Going back to before i arrived here in Portugal i have been searching for tropical fish shops but had great difficulty finding any.
Ever since i found a couple of shops  last summer i wanted fish but me being me i wanted some think unique so that's why my tank will be about 5,000 litres in size.

This is the frame for the window at the front of the tank. The window is 1000mm X 500mm just the perfect size in relation to the tank size.

Here is the tank ready to have the window frame opening made. All the brickwork will be reinforced in still bar called Rebar to add further strength.

This is a 30,000 gallon tank i have been watching on Youtube but this tank is for Koi carp not tropical fish.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Started to varnish

Since i got my planer thicknesser i have been busy with all the timber i had in stock after i found a new supplier. I was able to cut parts for three windows that i want to surround in Chestnut. Because of the sizes of the timber i had i couldn't make up everything i need for just one window. I had a cutting list for three windows and i have just worked from that but at least i have got lots done.

The wood below is laid out after being varnished and everything has had it's first coat. Tomorrow i should get my much needed Dust extraction unit and new router all via UPS never late using them.

These are a window sill and the front architrave. Until i get more timber i will have to wait to complete this window. 

These are one side, a top and a top part for the architrave. 

here is a window sill, and two sides complete with the architrave fitted. Only one piece to complete this window.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Come to a halt

i was so pleased that I had got so many things started after receiving my latest machine a planer thicknesser. It was ok getting so much done and so much started until I broke a vital safety bracket on  one of my machines that I had to use next to cut all the wood I had prepared for round one of the Windows. I was able to get the sill completed but it's all the other pieces that I can't finish.

I had sent for an Orbital sander and now it's come I can get six bases for table lamps ready for varnishing. Now I need to learn how to use a spray gun so I can varnish the window parts for the frame and my table lamps.

My fish tank is a job I will get on with when I have nothing else to do. Today I went online to find the best price for lighting for the tank. Amazon UK £9.99 plus delivery. Amazon Germany 10.99€ plus delivery. But Amazon Spain 10.99€ for three 32.97€ free delivery and a 3€ discount. Sorry UK free delivery from Spain is a better deal.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Ahhhhh Dinner

Today like most days I have to decide what to have for dinner. Like most days I have to go to my freezer and get something for dinner but today. Today I decided to have a tidy up in my freezer and it did need a good tidy.

I am the first to laugh at the amount of people who spend vast amounts of money on English food that can be found in local shops or the nearest big market. Well today the laughter was on me because every trip I make to the UK I bring back Cheese. Or if I am having a parcel made up as I am doing now. I am having a Dust extraction unit sent over for my workshop. In my parcel will be a few treats including more Cheese as usual.

This is my stock of Mature and Extra mature Cheddar Cheese.

Tea bags are another thing I get bags of Typhoo tea bags but the biggest that has 1,100 tea bags in. I have about a quarter bag left plus a full bag of 1,100 tea bags so plenty to keep me going for a while. That along with my Cheese will keep me going for a while, I have 11 blocks of Cheese each 750g that's a lot but better to have it than need it.

The downside from freezing Cheese is that the Cheese crumbles more than normal but better that than not having any at all. One little tip if you make your own burgers that try crating a good helping of Cheese into the minced meat plus a good pinch of salt then grill or fry.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Spare a thought

Below is the text i have just put on a couple of Forums i am a member of. I was appalled to be told a sad story of someone because he was speaking to a woman he thought he could get away with verbally assaulting someone at the end of a phone. Well sorry but as the person involved called Fiona i couldn't just say nothing after speaking to her so often she has become a friend.
Hi All

As many of you know I have mentioned a service for my business I use called Pharosparcels. I have mentioned it because many members need parcels delivered and my experience may have been of help. 

Today I am sad to say when I called to arrange another parcel to de dropped off and not collected by a driver. Fiona at the end of the phone told me how an expat in Portugal who claims to be ex military gave her the most disgraceful verbal abuse.

This all came about because a badly packaged parcel had to be repackaged by UPS. It seems it arrived with no damages or anything missing. Then why give verbal to someone sat at the end of a Phone. 

Moral of the story make sure any parcels you have sent over from the Uk are packaged correctly.

Sorry for this rant 

Happy New Year to all Forum members


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

On my last trip to the UK

I went with a friend to measure up to install a mirror into a swimming pool. The difference being it took nine years to get planning permission for the pool house but that's another story.

Today i received a picture of the install of the  mirror. As the wall is 4 panels high only one panel can be installed at a time.
The black lines on the wall are so that between the panels on glass you can't see the join. This room is about 7 metres wide and over 3 metres high and this is the main feature wall.

Here is the wall on day 2 of the install of the mirrors.

The amount of planning to get this mirrored wall done was huge, i know because i was there for part of it. I am very proud of the person who did this epic job.

Here is another i saw while in Liverpool it's made up of a backing mirror, then a sheet of special glass, then a front sheet of glass. by magic the glass in the middle is cracked to give the effect you can see. When this is put all round the kitchen i went to see it will look stunning.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

My Christmas cartoon

Each Christmas i post a cartoon that i find funny and this year is no different apart from it being a couple of days earlier.
My favourite was the one about Father Christmas landing on a roof and Rudolf was up on bricks. That's what Father Christmas gets for going to Liverpool.
Well this year i have chosen a really good cartoon for my Christmas cartoon and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did finding it.