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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The top 500 computer operating systems

Over the years on various Forums i use i have seen people warn members about scams, virus or other general problems. I have always answered why not consider moving computer system to Linux. The trust in windows and it's continual known problems don't seem to put people off. A whole industry has grown up to sort these problems out.

If Linux is such rubbish as is said on answers on Forums then how come it works on the top 500 supercomputers in the world.

For what it's worth i don't have any anti virus software on my computer. It has been proven that someone could write a virus and it has been proven in a laboratory but none have been found in the wild.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Christmas Bazaar

It may be early to announce a Christmas Bazaar but a few weeks ago i was invited to attend a Christmas Bazaar. This Christmas Bazaar is in aid of charity. This charity looks after some of the locals who without the help face the coming months in difficulty.
This is my fourth time i have attended with my Herbs and Spices. At one of the other times i went to the Christmas Bazaar i was told some of the things they do for the local less well off people.  One old lady was given a gas bottle so she could cook her meals on her stove.
Why do i mention this now in October well as i enjoy the quality of my life it is nice to think i have done something that may help others.

Two amazing pieces of wood.

This last week i had to have some welding work done to a door into my cellar. I had to go into town to pick the welder up because there car was in the local garage.

While at the welders i saw on a pallet some wood and i had to have a look. I found the two pieces you can see here these are what i have been told are London Lyme. I have searched but can't find any London Lyme but who cares. I put my silicone gun on top to show some kind of scale.

These two boards should make amazing cutting boards. Both have faults but epoxy resin will repair them

The State of Wisconsin

while in the UK on the many trips i made up to now this year i got myself a scroll saw machine. I make cutting boards in my spare time and during conversation at the market i was asked if i could make one for a customer. What she wanted was a cutting board in the shape of the State of Wisconsin in the USA.

I had a piece of wood big enough so i gave it a try and here it is. Now it needs sanding all the way round and many coats of food grade mineral oil.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Himalayan Pink salt

Today i was shopping in a major supermarket in a place called Lousa. Lousa is the nearest major town to where i live but not the only town with supermarkets. I always have a look at the price of the Spices on display and marvel at the prices being charged.

Today i saw that they now have on show Himalayan pink salt. I buy 25 kilo and with the cost to get it to me i charge what i consider is a fair price. The price per kilo i sell is even cheaper than i have seen on Ebay. My price for a Kilo is 4.50€ Today i saw a major supermarket charging a little under 20€ per kilo.

As soon as i can get the correct type of bags i will be doing 2 kilo for only 8€ supermarkets beat that

Monday, 30 September 2019

The first of many made with my new machine

Sunday night a neighbour arrived back from a trip back to the UK.It was arranged that i send a parcel to my friends house for them to bring it over for me. I had already agreed to make a Dolphin board but what i think will happen is this will become a piece of wall art.
The shape has been cut but there is still lots more to do before it's finished but i have all the time in the world to complete this my first job.
After this my next job is to make a cutting board in the shape of the state of Wisconsin.

My Friend Ashley

Last night i received the news my Mum had passed away. At the moment my sister emailed me i was talking to my great friend Ashley. Ashley had been asking about my Mum and i was telling him what i knew from the last time i called the care home. While we where talking i received an email I said to Ashley to shut up something i would never treat a friend like that but i was reading about my Mum passing.

Ashley was the first i told but of coarse so many people ask how my Mum is many have only got to know Me on my Blog. Many of those who called or sent messages are people i know . The first message i received was on my Blog.

It shows the kindness when people who have never met me send such kind remarks.

Thank you too you all

R.I.P Mum

We all say we have the best Mum and today the Best Mum i could have ever had passed away. She is now with my Dad and elder brother Brian in heaven.

29th September 2019 Irene Maud Calder R.I.P

All i ask it that readers of my Blog spend some time to think of there own Mum after all you only get one Mum.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

My machine is on it's way

Some time ago at a woodworking club i got myself a Fret saw machine. From the picture above you can see some of the cutting boards i make. But i wanted to do more something unique.
Someone i met at one of the markets i go to asked if i could make a cutting board in the shape of the state in the USA that she comes from. This only came about because i mentioned about the machine i was waiting for.

This is not my machine but it is similar and can do all i want.

Now this was the challenge i took on and when my machine arrives i will make a cutting board from this line drawing.

This dolphin is a replacement for one i offered to make for a friend.

But where do you start first you need to put the image onto the chosen piece of wood but how, The journey started in China of all places. But before China i remembered a job in my youth i had to write out an invoice but first was the carbon paper. Carbon paper transferred what you wrote on one sheet of paper and copied it to a second piece of paper.
I went onto Ebay to find some carbon paper and the best price including delivery was from China so i ordered 100 sheets.

Here is a sample i did of an Dolphin. I transferred the picture i made and copied it to a piece of wood. Now that i am happy with the finished copied image when my machine arrives next week i will make my first board. The wood you see is Walnut but i expect i will use Chestnut but we will wait and see.

Friday, 13 September 2019

It's now about 6 years

I started my kitchen about 6 years ago and i installed LED light 12 X 4w bulbs. The lights have worked perfect till no and over about a week 5 have failed.  At the time my electricity charge was an average of 80€.
As i worked thought the house i replaced every light with LED's now i pay an average of 40€ that's a saving of half. It's the way forward and i buy mine from Ebay and buy packs with 10 bulbs for less that €20 a pack.

This is my new sink, When i ordered my sink i also ordered, Carbon paper, Fish safe silicon, 50mt fibre optic cable, Food grade mineral oil, A pair of reading glasses and a pair of driving glasses. If i had each item posted individually the postage would have been more than i was happy with. I used UPS again and paid only £23.50.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Progress may be slow

Progress may be slow on making my fish tank. This week i had the task of putting up the ceiling boards. The plaster boards for the ceiling are very heavy and due to there size difficult to lift above my head and screw them into place.

This was a major part of the building of the tank. Now this is done i can get on with half filling the tank so i can put some wood in that needs to get water logged so it sinks to the bottom when i want to start to use the tank.

I have the pipework that i am going to use to make my solar hot water system so u can keep the room warm. To use heaters to warm the water would cost to much. A solar panel will keep the water at the temperature of the room.

I have solar panels to make the electric to power all the heaters, filters, lights ect.