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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Stair pillar now hidden

It's taken a while to get this part of the stairs finished mainly because i needed a piece of Chestnut wider that i could get. The only answer was to join two pieces together of Chestnut together.

There used to be a horrible green pillar holding the stairs up until now.

Three sides of the stair pillar are now enclosed in Chestnut all glued and clamped up and job finished.

At the very top of the stairs i had to make this panel out of two pieces of Chestnut as i couldn't get what i wanted wide enough.

No Laundry basket not even under the bed

After completing my bedroom downstairs one thing that didn't look right was my laundry basket.It always looked out of place so i had to find an answer to having the basket in the bedroom. When i showed my son the pictures below i must admit he laughed until i explained what i had done.

For about 20€ i came up with the answer to have my laundry basket downstairs by my washing machine but. One thing i didn't want was to be having to go downstairs with my washing so i came up with my Laundry chute.

Here is the pipe now in place in the corner nice and tidy.

Here is how it works just drop the washing into the pipe and it falls downstairs to the basket.

There it is my washing down at the bottom of the chute in the basket.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

I've seen lots of animals

Over the last more than six years traveling down the same lane I have seen lots of animals from  what looked like Badgers to wild Boar and birds of Prey but today. Today I saw a very young Deer and as it ran of along came another running acros the lane. I came back a couple of hours later and saw the pair of Deer again. These animals run so fast that by the time I reached my camera they had gone. In future I will have my camera out on switched on ready.

After six years driving

This is my sixth winter I have lived here in my little village. Whenever I leave the village to go into Gois or further afield I travel down a little lane only as wide as a car. This year we have had a huge amount of rain and from the forecast it's due to end soon.

I travel down this lane many times a week and this is the first time i have seen it flooded. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Water water Oh dear me

Last year whoever gives out the rain forgot to send any to Portugal so the rivers almost ran dry. The reservoirs where so low that properties that had been flooded when the reservoirs where built got forgotten.
I don't know how long it's been raining because i was away in the UK for a while. When it rains here sometimes the rain forgets to stop for days at a time.

The ground on the left of the picture for most of the years gets baked by the sun all day everyday. When the rain comes the ground to to hard to soak up all the rainfall and it just runs of into the drains.
This picture shows the effect of the rainfall washing what loose earth there may be.

First time in my life

I am not  a plant or flower lover never have been and my answer to a garden is to pour concrete and paint it green. I don't mind trees in tubs but that's about as far as i would go.

I have a friend who has just got himself a house in my village near to me. Today i saw growing in his garden some Daffodils growing so i picked them. There where only six but i decided they needed a home in my house.
I have a Rosemary bush growing at the bottom of the lane and i took some cutting from the bush to add to the Daff's.
I don't have and won't get a vase but i do have a Grolsh glass  and for now that will do.

Since i got back

Since i got back i have been working on the Pillar on my stairs. I have the Chestnut to go round the pillar and to finish the top of the stairs.

This is the Pillar i am putting Chestnut round.

This is the pillar fitted together to check all the joints ect are OK before it gets a final coat of varnish.

 Here is the top of the stairs all dry fitted because everything needs to be varnished before final fitting.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Modern technology

Over the years technology has greatly advanced. I am due to be a Granddad again and I have seen pictures of the scans of my new grandchild. Today I received a picture of Little Others face, little other is my nickname for the baby because I don't want to know the sex till Little other arrives.

I have received picture of the tiny baby long before now but just look what modern science today can do. This is only a scan not a photo but who cares certainly not me i am pleased to see the next member of my family who is due to arrive soon.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

How it was when the snow came

Liverpool has always been lucky when it comes to weather. What the rest of the country gets Liverpool doesn't get it as bad. The first picture is the morning after the snow came thick and cold. OK maybe not as thick as the rest of the country but thick for Liverpool.

Weather wise Liverpool never gets what the rest of the country gets. What you see is as bad as it gets and would we have it any other way no.

The picture you can see if you look out of the window you can see the snow much later in the same day.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Flying high

I was flying at 38,000ft back to Liverpool when i looked out of the window when i saw the sun setting. A few minutes later i looked again and the picture shows just what i saw a magical sunset.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

iPad just what a pain

I have had computers going back to the first Amstrad computers for my video hire business and before that I had Sinclair Spectrums. I ditch Windows on my desktop computers when Ubuntu Linux was at version 4.10 when I first tried it. Ubuntu 4.10 and was released on 20 October and from then on I haven't looked back I never have many problems and my system does not suffer from Viruses. So what's this got to do with IPAD lots.

The IPad is easy to use and when you buy one its main consumer target is people who have at least some computer knowledge. If having some knowledge then why does the box the IPad come in not have a huge manual telling you how to use it.

With the knowledge of computers I have at best I have should not have problems considering the IPad is simple to use. If I try to put pictures on my Blog I click on the symbol on my Blog as I normally do from my desktop. All I get is to add pictures from my Google Archive, my phone, a URL and lastly From this Blog then why can't I post pictures from my IPAD?...

While away from home I still keep my Blog up to date but I can never find a way to include pictures. Tonight I have spent hours trying to find a way to make IPad and my Blog work together. I suppose I will have to wait till I get home on Friday.