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Monday, 29 March 2021

Warning have been given

 Ahead of us is the fire season. Warning have been given to help provide protection from fire in the months ahead.

A neighbour offered to cut all the undergrowth for me and on Saturday he turned up and got started cutting the land. After showing him my land markers he got started with his strimmer.

I know that you can't make a piece of land fire proof but you can do the best you can. This is my estate all about 180 m ok only small but it's mine, you can see the front of the wall all the undergrowth but that's cut now.

The village has life

 At the ungodly hour of just after 8am this morning i was woken up by a noise. At first i couldn't figure out what the noise was at first.

As my brain started to function i made out the noise of People strimming and strimming does sound bad first thing in the morning.

Because of the risk to fires all villages have been cleaned by the local camara all the growth at the side of the roads gets cut back. After it get cut the village does look so much better till it grows back again. 

Normally a guy comes along with a blower to blow everything into a pile to be taken away. Today for the first time in almost 1101 years a woman come along but she just brushed all the cuttings onto someones land. 

All this grass cutting dumped on someones land increases the risk of fire. When i started to take pictures with my Ipad the woman soon stopped.

As soon as i went back inside it all started again.

Now they are blowing all the cuttings onto someones land waiting for a fire to start.

Friday, 12 March 2021

 Sorry about the title but to me then end came on the 11th March 2021. I used the last of my stocks of Extra mature cheddar cheese, each day i would have 2 poached eggs and i would put some cheese in my poacher before i added the egg. 

I would have two pieces of thick home made bread toasted. A perfect breakfast to start anybodies day. Yes at Lidl i can get cheese from Northern Ireland. As cheese goes it's not bad but this is the end of 10 years almost of having my choice of cheese for breakfast. 

Boris you have a lot to answer for.


Here is a picture of my last packet of pre Brexit cheese that has now gone. 

If you have an egg poacher try putting some cheese in first and then the egg. Mmmmm

This virus

 Wanting to stay safe has a cost by staying in keeps me from putting myself at risk of the Virus. I go out shopping around lunch time the idea is that people are at home having lunch. 

I feel a little safer going out then to do my shopping and as the shops don't look to busy i may be right.

About the only thing i am able to do is use my lathe and i am slowly using what wood i have that i can use.

I am sorry but little has been happening lately there is nowhere open that i can get some wood from.

This was a few days work when i was really not feeling my best.

I ordered Epoxy resin from Germany instead of the UK where i would have normally got it from. I made up some epoxy and cut a grove in the rim of the bowl/platter and put some blue epoxy in it.

These did give me a boost at a time when i was feeling low.

Not just black epoxy resin but some mahogany as well. Well i need to try and keep busy until it's safer to go out.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

I'm from Liverpool and proud of it.

I often get asked at markets i attend if i am English i always answer no i say i am from Liverpool. Why everybody has heard of liverpool but who has heard of Walsall or Dudley.

I have a couple of pictures to share and the first is of the Anthony Gormley statues on the beach at Grosby.

This year someone had been and put T shirts or jumpers and hats on the Statues. 

That's Anthony smiling no not the Anthony Gormley statue but another Anthony.

Anthony has a company that makes glass Splashbacks and much of his work is pictures on splashbacks. If you can imagine a picture of on a splahsback Anthony could create it for you.



This is St Georges Hall now you see why Liverpool is special. Liverpool has more grade one and grade 2 listed building outside of London than any other UK city. Liverpool even has a bombed out church grade 2 listed and very special it is.


From the old and famous Liverpool to the new modern. It's Superlambanana

This is sure to bring a smile to anybody who see's it and this is outside of a university building. The superlambanana has been breeding at present there are about 100 smaller but colourfull versions and some around the city centre.

Friday, 12 February 2021

I now have a door on my bathroom

 When i built my bathroom i decided to move the door but i never had a door until now. After making the sliding door for my spare bedroom it had to be another sliding door. This door is made out of my favourite wood Chestnut. I have now finished the door and it looks every bit as good as i hoped it would. My next job is to make the same type of door for my lounge. Just look at that beam above the door that's stunning. 

Now to finish the door i need to make the wall in the front and finish of the front of the doorway.


Sunday, 31 January 2021

How reasuring

 I have just had a message sent to me from a friend who lives near to me. This is what the local council are doing to help people.

"Stay at home! We do it! ” According to the evolution of the pandemic situation in the country and in the municipality, the Arganil City Council, in partnership with the social network and CLDS4G, recalls that it has at its disposal two lines of contact with the municipal social services, aimed at the elderly and people in isolation and quarantine, with no social response. If you are infected, waiting for a COVID-19 screening test result, or if you had a risky contact with someone infected: Stay at Home! If you need medicines, food and basic necessities, call: 235 200 143 or 924 438 762. We do arrive!

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Who's idea was Brexit.



Who's idea was Brexit.

I like to think when I post on my Blog everything I say is based on Fact.

I have a friend outside of Dover who makes up parcels for me but we missed the deadline for the 1st January. I have quite a number of things ready to be shipped over to me. 

Now everything has to have a Tarrif code and each Tarrif code has a customs/ vat payment that I may possibly have to pay. But this will be happening to anybody who wants to send a parcel to a friend/ or loved one living in the EU.

I also had a parcel from another friend in Norfolk. UPS have collect a parcel that was for me but they arrived a day early. Why someone handed it over before the documents where complete I don't know. The driver just drove off without even scanning the parcel who knows. This parcel I was dealing with the Commercial invoices and then sending them to my friend along with the address label.  

To try and locate my parcel I had to deal with Parcel2go and being fair the seem to be doing the best to get my parcel back for me. In total I sent 18 emails and every item in the parcel has to have 4 commercial invoices. That's 23 item in the parcel X 4 invoices but this will be the last time I but my Spices from the UK. I have found another company in Hungary. 

The main thing I have lost is one thing I have never been without in the last almost 10 years. Asda extra mature cheddar cheese, Lidl have a mature cheddar but it's not like what I have just lost. The EU now don't allow any product from the UK that contains meat or dairy products.

In the news many companies in the EU have declared that they will not deal with customers in there online shops. Who would blame them now with all the added paperwork involved. I won't now deal with UK companies for spices multiply the loss of my sales to the UK. But how many others in the EU who will be looking for other suppliers that's a lot of lost trade. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Brexit good or bad

Before Britain joining the then Common Market I had to go to Agen in the south of France to repair a gear box on a 32 ton truck.

I arrived in Dover in plenty of time to catch the ferry but I had to book into the Customs first. When it was my turn in the queue I handed my papers to the Customs officer, all the guy did was take the papers and say 5 and I then sat down. I thought I was number 5 in the queue so just sat to wait. A driver next to me asked what number I got I said 5 and asked what it meant was I number 5 in the queue. No the driver said it meant I had to wait 5 hours to be cleared to leave. 

OK so the UK is again outside of the EU does the UK go back to those crazy days or will computers make it easier than before.

I have spent about 8 hours spread over 2 days trying to organise a parcel to be shipped to me. As the lady shipping my parcel to me is not very good with a computer and I often have to do computer things for her I have to arrange for her the Customs declaration.

Today everything in a parcel has to be listed and the Tariff code and description listed on the parcel. That's for every parcel sent from the UK to Europe and the U.K. Government website states that there may be VAT and Customs tariffs to be paid. One item Ras el Hanout has upto 20 different ingredients in it how do I list that on the declaration????

Travel you now need a green card to drive in Europe, sellers now have to comply with the new rules life is going to be more difficult. I use Ebay for lots of things I can't find here in Portugal now I will look else ware. 

I was planning a trip back to the UK in my van to pickup stuff waiting for me with family members. With the new rules I would have to list everything in my van and if I miss anything I risk fines or whatever penalty's I may get.

All the people who voted to leave the EU how many after all recent problems would vote again to leave I suspect not as many.

So for those who vote to go out of the EU some news below


  • 42 litres of beer
  • 18 litres of still wine
  • 4 litres of spirits OR 9 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine or any alcoholic beverage less than 22% ABV


  • 200 cigarettes OR
  • 100 cigarillos OR
  • 50 cigars OR
  • 250g tobacco OR
  • 200 sticks of tobacco for heating
  • or any proportional combination of the above