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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Even the veranda has been set in

I went down today to see a house lower down the village from my to see how the renovating was coming on. As the outside wall was taken down and a new floor was to be built. Before the new outside wall was to be built but not before the base for the veranda was installed at the same time.

The steel cage in the middle is for a concrete pillar to be built in the corner 

Here we are a few hours later and nearly half the beams are in place. Where they look to be to long they are in fact the veranda. The veranda will be 1.3 metres or about 4 and a half feet wide.

The blocks are in place to space out the floor beams before they are filled in. On top will be 50mm of  a cement screed to level the floor.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The steels have to be shaped

I am helping to get a house renovated and take regular pictures for the owners and here are just a couple i would like to share with you. A wall that was in a bad condition has been taken down to be rebuilt. Before it's built it has to have steel rebar put in for strength

This is after the wall was taken down ready to be rebuilt.The far corner that is black has now been taken down ready for building. What a stunning view from what will be the bedrooms.

This may look strange but what it is for is to bend all the angles for the reinforcing steels for the wall.

What a waste of time

There is a house in my village that is being renovated. The top of the wall in the picture below has a mains electric cable attached that needs to be removed by the electric company EDP.
I started by going to an Office in Arganil because it's closer to my home. Even though the lady doesn't.speak English we seemed to have got the request to have the cable taken down. This was a waste of time because nobody came to remove the cable and the job stopped.

Next I went to Lousa because I know the lady in the EDP office speaks English. This time I was given between 10 and 20 days well guess what 20 days passed without anybody coming near. This time I went online and filled the complaints book in and visited the office in Lousa again not once but twice.

I made one last visit this week and after a long phone call from the lady in the office to whoever she spoke to she said they will contact me next week. Before she finished the call she checked my phone numbers so I have hope but after what has happened up to now I will just have to wait and see.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

A new market

i knew about a new market starting the first Saturday of each month. I had hoped the people would have advertised properly but even though I arrived early I was the only one to turn up. After a while I drove of to friends for a cup of tea and my plan was to go back a little while later. A little while later I went back to find only one person had arrived and pitched up. Looking on Facebook and an advertising site I found that the event had not been advertised so what a waste of time.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Windows done

The last few weeks i have been unwell so i haven't got any work done in the house for obvious reasons. Saturday i got started again as i now feel OK.

 The upright on the right of the picture has not been glued as i ran out of glue but that's a five minute job.

This window is now complete and all i need now is to remove the shutters and window and fit a new window.  I have one more window to complete in the bedroom next door to the TV room.

This is the room all cleaned up but not how i want it. As soon as i make up my TV unit i will move back into this room.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Coming back from Liverpool with Bronchitis

Most of my adult life i had suffered from a bad chest during most of the year. But after being here for a good while i noticed and so did my Mum that i was no longer suffering with a cough. It was pointed out that where i lived the air was clean and free from pollution.

I have been back now for a month and in that time i have developed a very bad cough. About a week ago i had a very bad night and thought it was time i went to the Doctors. Unlike the UK i needed no appointment you just turn up and see your Doctor  the cost was 4.50€. Within 10 minutes i was called to see Triage nurse, first because he had heard me coughing he came out with a mask i had to wear during my time with the triage nurse and the doctor. It was a small price to pay to be able to go to the Doctors without the need for the appalling appointment system the people in the UK have to endure.

Having a system like in Portugal where you pay to see the doctors makes sure your need to see the doctor  fulfilled and not time wasted.

Imagine the outcry What we have to pay to see the Doctor. Things like I paid my national insurance all my life. Your Mother or Father Daughter or Son may have a genuine need for an appointment and 12 Million appointments missed in a year.

No appointments are missed in Portugal and can you see the reason WHY.

No-show patients waste time of one GP for each surgery every week

Around 12 million appointments are missed each year, costing the NHS £160 million annually, because patients do not keep appointments 

Taken from the Telegraph Feb 6, 2015

BBC you got it wrong

For years i have watched and read the news on the BBC because it seemed fair  in it's reporting or they made it look that way. Till today

I know this turn in the road because i turned here to go to the market at Figeuro Dos Vinhos some time ago in 2017.
I used this picture because it's a turn to market i had made many times and it's known person to me.
A picture from a drone no doubt
This is the road where 11 people from the same village died a Third of the population died that day
What you see above was the aftermath of looking into the gates to Hell.  What do the BBC say about a fire on the moors they say Apocalyptic as bad as when the Sun said Liverpool fans robbed and urinated on there fellow fans at Hillsbourgh football ground. Anything for a cheap headline cheap but not accurate a bad fire but not Apocalyptic.

Where is the apocalyptic fire where is the danger that i saw in the area i live.

Does that look more dangerous than the fire in the top picture????

Here is a BBC reporter doing his job reporting just what he found and an honest report.

This how it's done in Portugal or at least in the area i live.We have water tanks all over the countryside like the one in the picture below. In the picture on the left you can see another tank being built the land was donated my my neighbour.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

I had a pillar that need attention

After cutting a whole in a wall I had a difficult job getting old chestnut to cap off one part of the opening I had cut. I made a panel up out of parque flooring but I didn't want the edging on show because it didn't look right. I first made up a test piece of how I wanted to make the moulding look but first I had to cut and shape a piece of the profile to look.

Cutting the profile was no easy task because a professional would have moulding tools or machines. Because I was only cutting a small piece of wood to put up in position to see that what idea I had in my head would look how I had figured it would. To mould a piece almost 2 meters long was beyond what I could cut but I have a friend who had the machine I needed so of I went. After a little practice I got just what I wanted and after a good varnish it looks as I had planned.

Advertising how far does it have to go

have you ever considered the subject of advertising. We can't help really because everywhere we go or look we see some form of advert. But how intrusive does advertising get Doctors surgeries, schools, hospitals but just when does advertising get just to much. I recently went by train to Porto airport and on that journey I needed to use the Loo. I was shocked so shocked I took a photo but not till after I was in the Gents on my own. Look at the picture below and yes that is a some kind of video display on the urinal yes right in front of me an advert moving and in full colour. How of was that, it's not something you expect to find when you go to the loo.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Mirranda do Corvo Market postponed

If you had been planning to go to the Miranda do Corvo market it's been postponed till the 10th June. There is an Expo in the indoor market place and due to possible rain the Camara have changed the date.

If you can please let others know to save them a wasted journey.

Above is the text i have put up on three Forums i am on. It's OK  the Camara (Council) changing the date but so many people will not have found out the market has been postponed till the next week. Lots of people are creatures of habit and thee following week they already have plans for the next weekend.

So if you know anybody who would normally go to Miranda do Corvo market please let them know.