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Thursday, 16 January 2020

I used to have three Video shops

It's a long time ago that i had at one time three video hire shops. I went to a Library here where i live to attend a language class.

In the classroom i got a surprise Thousands of VHS video tapes.
After looking through i noticed that they where all films and all you need to do is ask at the library.

The little stream

A little while ago i mentioned about a dried up little stream.

I had picked through the bed of the stream during the summer to fill my 5,000lt fish tank.

I had picked every stone that i wanted and what i left was no good to me.

 We have recently had storms and the rain was as bad as i have seen in the last nine years.

I stopped today to have a look at the stream bed now and what a surprise i got.

To you the reader this may not look look interesting but to me this was a gold mine.
OK not gold but a wealth of stones and maybe i will go back to collect more in case i was to make changes into how the tank looks.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Clever idea

A long time ago while i lived in Liverpool and before i moved to Portugal i started to buy things that i may need for my new life. I knew that in the summer it gets very hot and what better than buying air con units. I got my self two units and shortly after moving into my house i fitted  one to the lounge and i enjoyed it from the day i fitted it. Also this unit could be used for heating and that first winter it was great in use a lot of the time.

When i built my bedroom in the loft i also fitted my second air con unit to make my bedroom comfortable year round.  Last night was a cold night and when go to bed i like to read for a while. Last night when i went to switch on my electric blanket i also switched on my air con. When i went to bed i looked first at my air con unit and the temperature was 30c . Reading in bed last night was so Nice.

This morning was again was to cold for me so on came the air con and the electric blanket. I put my electric blanket ON so i could warm my clothes ready for when i was getting dressed, nice warm clothes now that's a good start to the day.

Knowing what i know now was i right to bring with me air con units i would say yes it certainly improves my quality of life being in control of my comfort.

Monday, 30 December 2019

In my dreams

Just look how beautiful these tanks are.. I took these pictures from a Youtube video about the worlds top fish tank layout designers.
 Absolutely amazing
Never could i make my tank look this good.
 A world champion tank
Eleven months work to get a tank this good

Sunday, 29 December 2019

A good curry Oh dear

There is nothing like a good curry and for me having about 100 Herbs and Spices making a good curry should not be a problem.
I like to make different curries so i use a recipe from the BBC website. I just type in curry BBC and find the type i want that's how i would normally find a curry recipe until now.

Normal ingredients for most people to have is stock to make a good curry.

Now look at the picture below and read the first line of the instruction on what to do with the recipe. Come along to the word Tandoori Ooooop BBC where in the recipe does it say to use Tandoori paste.
So readers if you follow like i do to find a curry recipe  then make a good check of what the BBC list.

Friday, 27 December 2019

I have spoken about the rain but Now

After enduring constant rain for week It has finally come to a stop but for how long nobody knows.

I go back to the UK to help my son on a project that needs my help. I leave on Monday and look at the weather from today till after i go clear skies how good does that forecast look.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

It's that time of year again

All year at one of the markets i go to i help someone who struggles to even unload there car. I unload and then reload there car every market time. For me the worse time is Christmas when i am given a gift for all i have done all year. It does embarrasses me but i don't do it for recolonisation of a good thing done for someone else.

I am going back to the UK again to help one of my children who need me to help with some construction work he is unable to do. I have told all of my children while i can help i will but the time will come when i can't help.

I am nothing unique everybody can think of things they have done and often more than i do.

I have just had another great Christmas and i have been reading a sad story of children who because of abuse they are in a refuge. I will certainly be thinking of others this coming New Year.

It's not about what others can do for you but you can do so much more for others.

Saturday, 21 December 2019

OK Merry Christmas from me

This is a difficult year i have two Greeting for you to have a laugh at i couldn't decide the best so i have picked two for this year.

Another tank update

Recently i have finished putting the stones from a dried up stream into my tank. The window is now fitted and ready for water.
The picture below is when i had to stop filling the tank due to the storm outside and i had to go out in it to get the hose and bring it inside but it will be filled soon.
In front of these stones will be a layer of sand for plants to grow. In the stones are caves for the fish to go in and with some of them they will go in to breed.

In the picture about will with luck a number of Bonsai trees all dead but they will give the look i want

Wet Christmas is coming

Well we are well on the way to Christmas 2019. This is the second out of 8 years that i have enjoyed Christmas here in Portugal. But this is the second year that it's rained and rained and rained.  Here at the side of the roads are gullies to take the water away. Unlike in the UK where the drains where main so long ago and not maintained that you get floods.

Here in Portugal we don't get floods because the Portuguese people have learnt from years and years of dealing with the rain in the winters and now there is little problems.

Small dried up streams that had been dry most of the years suddenly become a flowing torrent and after a while it all goes back to normal. The main problem is the Clouds they drop there rain and when they are empty more take there place and the empty clouds just go off and refill.

The last week when the rain started it didn't stop for about four days and when it stopped it was only for a few hours when it soon started agin.

Oh well the summer is coming