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Thursday, 20 September 2018

No plans for this job

Since i got myself a large wooden box from my friend nearby i have been busy. It's only now i have a photo to show for all the work i have been doing. I have made a seat for my lounge with storage inside.
It started when i saw video on Youtube where someone made up a work surface in a style called Butcher block. As the title says i used no plans, i started by stripping down a plank of wood into strips and using different shades of wood i made a Butcher block. At this stage i had no idea where this was going to lead until i had an idea to make a seat.  

Where is the seat ready for final assembly and a couple of coats of varnish. The varnish will really bring out the true character of the wood and yes again my favourite Chestnut timber.

The stripes you can see in the seating area is made up from timber that's been exposed to the air. The lighter timber was from the inside of the box, below the seating you can see two different shades.   

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Complete memory loss

Some time ago i rescued my Orange, Lemon and Lime tree from my bit of land across the lane from my house. Passing the land today i looked up for no reason at all but i noticed my Plum tree was laden with Plums, happy days.

Sadly this branch broke under the weight of fruit i had to hold the branch up for the picture.

Not a huge tree but i have hope for the coming years for more fruit.

Just a small bunch but my bunches and they won't be wasted.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

I moved in 7 years ago this month

Seven years ago i moved into my house and at the time at the top of the lane a house was being built. The owner is a German lady called Madeline and we have over the years become good friends. But this is about my Mums 93 birthday where i took some pictures of Mum blowing out her candles.

When i returned back home i met Madeline where she asked for a picture of my Mum so she could do a portrait picture of Mum.

Once when i put the picture on the wall i will change this picture.
I am going to put the picture in my TV room close to me.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Glad i drive here

Driving has been a big part of my life since i passed my test 50 years ago. Going from the days when there was room on the roads to drive without fear of something happening.

Ok this may be extreme but thankfully nothing like this happens here in Portugal. Portugal where you can safely drive to your destination at a comfortably speed. Driving in the UK is not for me now the pleasure has gone from driving there.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Doesn't that child ever play

About 40 years ago i would take my first daughter round to see my Mum and Dad. One day my Dad said " doesn't that child ever play " my reply was yes all of the time. My Dad explained that every time he saw Sarah she was always clean. I have looked back so many times over the years and i could understand just what my Dad had said and why.

Now forward 40 years today i received some pictures of my new granddaughter Bronx.

I know i can post pictures of my Little granddaughter on my Blog but today i felt i had to ask. Reason you can't see but she does have a nappy on but that's not how the picture looks. That's the reason i asked before i posted the picture. What a happy little girl but thinking back i don't remember Sarah looking like this covered in breakfast and looking happy.

Monday, 13 August 2018

The hot weather was hot But

The how weather was hot and uncomfortable But there is always an answer. I could have switched on the aircon but i didn't because i had lots to do. I have a nice cool workshop under my house where i work now on table lamps.
I now have a good selection of Walnut and Chestnut and i am going to be making Unique mirrors.

These are the last that needs to be got ready for finishing with varnish and then ready for sale.

If you look at the one on the left you will see it's made out of strips of wood glued together for a totally unique look.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Unknown Region 174

Most days i have a look to see how many people have viewed my Blog and where they are looking from. Over a third of the countries on the planet at some time have read my Blog but today. A new country has arrived i haven't checked the news yet but i can see they are using Firefox for the browser. Also they are using Linux as there operating system both just like me.

If this is not a new country could it be that the hidden place refereed to in the media as the Dark Net could this be the answer?

Unknown Region     174
Portugal                     26

Firefox 185 (86%)

Linux   174 (80%

Image displaying most popular browsers

Image displaying most popular platforms