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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Another spoilt trip

While I was over in Liverpool I seem to have stayed to long in Farmfoods in Birkenhead after a trip to friends. It seems you can only shop for an hour and if you stay longer you get a parking ticket. While my daughter was in hospital in a difficult stage of her pregnancy I borrowed her car and did a big shop. I came home to Portugal shortly after unaware of any problems I may have caused while looking after my granddaughter.

Now when I go back for my Mums 93rd birthday in May I may still have this parking ticket to sort out. I can't understand how you can get a parking ticket when you are in the shop spending in my case some of my Pension on food. I hope Farmfoods are happy.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Portugalwildfires is a site created because although the laws a clear not everybody knows just what's what or they think they do. My friend Steve who lives in a village were some people died in the fires of 2017 created this above named website. Actually that's not quite true it was his wife Susan who created the site but with Steve's input.

Much is said on some of the Forums i am a member of but it seems every Brit on the Forums has there own idea of what the rules are in regard to trees being cut down. The laws are in place to make sure all the villages and towns are better protected from any further fires.

Land must be cleared 50m round houses and 100m round the outside of villages and trees inside removed . That's putting it simply but there is so much more that is involved and Steve and Susan have got every detail that home owners need to know. You can even print of the laws to show to the GNR/ Police if they come and tell you trees that are allowed are to be removed.

The best thing would be to go to the site and have a good read or follow the link on the left hand side of the page or the link below.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

All done

I mentioned a short time ago about one of my sons going on a run. While taking part in a Marathon is only for the fit and the brave and to run 26 miles is a fabulous achievement.

My son has just run in temperatures of up to 50c in the Sarah dessert in 6 days a 156 miles. To make it more difficult they where limited to how much food and water they could have because they had to carry everything the runners needed to finish . It was really a case of using resources carefully and doing everything that his years of training in the Marines had taught him.

He was not the tallest Marine but in my eyes he is a Giant amongst men.

Congratulations so i am so proud of you.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

My best friend

Normally i don't mention anybodies name on my Blog because some people live a private life and don't want to see there name of a Blog for all the world to see.

Some time ago i meet someone who has become my best friend and i have needed a best friend after my best friend Dave passed away. Dave never came out of him coma and due to certain brain damage his wife and son agreed to turn the machine off that was keeping him alive. Knowing he never suffered was a help as Dave was the person i used to turn to often over the years.

Now i have another best friend Ashley not one to replace Dave but someone who lives down near to Tomar quite a drive away from me. I am jealous of Ashley I write just what comes into my head when I come to post something on my Blog. Ashley has a much better command of the English language than I do so it makes reading his Blog different.

Ashley like me is at total ease with life because we are quite the same. Like me he is looking at changing his house to make it more comfortable to his needs just like I started some time ago. So if you are thinking about moving to Portugal his Blog would be so helpful.

My Plants

I am lucky a friend who is renovating a house just behind me agreed to take pictures of how my plants are doing. We have had so much rain that after two years of little rain now the reservoirs are full. That rain has helped my fruit trees and everything is showing signs of good growth.

This is the nearest i could get to an Acer tree. I had been looking for a long time for an Acer tree but it's almost just as nice.
This is the smaller of my orange trees but with plenty of little flowers starting to grow.

Maybe this year my Lime tree will have some fruit on it and it's showing a few buds.

This is my pride and joy Black Cardamon that my friend Paul planted for me still looking good.

This is a pear tree that i only got because it already had a few pears on it when i found it in a market.

Now i know that this grape vine is a Chardonnay because last year the fruit was a white grape. I originally got a variety of Chardonnay and Shiraz. As the grapes where white it has to be a Chardonnay.

I looked today at my Black Currant and found some little flowers that will grow into Black currants.

And i came back

A little while ago i was in Liverpool due to my Mums continued ill health and i was due to stay for 2 months until Meo called me. I received a phone call from Meo the phone and internet company and again two days later. What Meo wanted was to tell me that they would be calling at my house to install Fibre Optic for my internet.

Now my village does not have Fibre Optic but they called me twice and sent a contract so i had to go back home. I had the contract translated and yes all was correct and all i had to do was wait till Monday morning. Monday came and i was pleased to say the Fibre Optic guy came and before he came to me he had a walk round the village.

The Fibre Optic guy was walking round looking for the cable that should have been installed ready for him. But he came to see me to explain that he only does the indoors part of the connection. Today he couldn't install my Fibre Optic connection so he got in his van and left. I tried calling Meo to find out what was going on sending someone out before they had even installed the cables. I was told that someone would call me back the next day. But the next day all they said was i was to far from the road where the nearest connection was. Until more people move into the village Fibre optic is not an option.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Today was a very Memorable day

I had an appointment today to meet a close friend I had not seen for a while. I was going to see Christine my friend Chicco's daughter at Chicco's old workshop. Christine has been advertising timber and furniture on Facebook and I was after Chestnut timber. To get a better finish when I am varnishing wood I was advised to get something called Tapo Poros it stops the grain in the wood from lifting when you apply varnish. Chrisine went of to find the Tapo Poros but when Chrisine came back her father Chicco came with her and as usual Chicco had a big smile on his face when he saw me.

Helping Chicco and Christine get rid of lots of timber and furniture was Chicco's brother. I was lucky that he found some Chestnut for me in the lengths and sizes I need. I have been following a wood craftsman on YouTube and he often uses Walnut wood. Walking round I saw some walnut and I know of something I can use it for.

I know that a machine that had been used to do some moulding for me was still setup for just what I need to top of my windows. Chicco's brother when he saw one I took to show him said how many do I want as simple as that and hopefully within a few days I should have the mouldings for my window tops.

I had friends with me and they found a tree trunk to make a set of Spiral stair case. They also found an Oak table for there kitchen. A good day had by all.

As Chicco came down to see me Christine was looking at the time on her phone. While we where talking Christine mentioned that it was 12 months ago that her father had his accident but also to the minute. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

More Led lights

I got fed up waiting to find some more Chestnut to finish around the opening into the TV room so I got started today. I had the top panel finished and measured up to fit 5 LED lights and when done I glued the panel up into place. The panel to the right is made up of parquet flooring and with a final coat of varnish should be done in a day or two.
This room has 22 Led lights and 5 in the opening a total of about 24w per hour better than a single 100w bulb in the ceiling.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

No name mentioned YET

A little while ago a friend here in Portugal put a post on a Forum we are both members of needing help too buy a drill bit. As i was going back to the UK for a quick trip i told him i would get a drill bit for him. I found just what i wanted on Ebay and the price was only £4.50 so i ordered one for my friend. I contacted my friend who told me that he had found one in a town near where he lives.

At this point i had not paid for the drill bit and had forgotten all about it until i received a message from Ebay. It seems that because i hadn't cancelled the order he seller wanted his money. As i no longer needed or want the item i explained that i couldn't find a way to cancel the purchase. They replied with "    It is not possible for us to cancel the transaction." 

As i couldn't get them to see reason i can only think a sale for a drill that costs just £4.50 is really very important to them. I have closed my Paypal account and instructed my bank to pay nothing without my permission. So that's where i am up to and i have not named them as of yet but should they really need that £4.50 then i am sure they can always fly over to Portugal and go to the Small claims court should Portugal have such a system.

Imagine  this they take me to the small claims court in the UK and the Judge finds in there favor. Wow now after two weeks they send in the Bailiffs who can't find me But. Now they go to the High Court and the Judge gives the Bailiffs a High Court order and they have much more powers. Watch " Can't pay we'll take it away ". Sorry i have no UK address as i now longer live in the UK but i live in Portugal.

So watch this space.