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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Back to fuel issues

I left Portugal after filling up at about 62cents per litre. In Spain I found the price similar to those in Portugal as both countries had reduced the prices in line with the cost of crude oil. When I got to France I first saw prices at over 75cents per litre, I went past thinking this was just a service station that was expensive. Soon I found prices up to 95cents per litre and I was lucky to find a service station at only 85cents per litre and I was happy to pay it as petrol was about 139cents per litre.

I have found a site called My gpl France where is has a list if all French LPG auto gas stations and also the prices. The site says the average price is 72.9cents per litre so if that's the price where was it when I came through? And I used the main roads and not the motorways where I know Gas would be expensive.

The price of fuel has gone down in the UK, Spain and Portugal so whats wrong with France?

If that wasn't enough then i went into a MacDonald's for a medium coke, in the UK it is about £1 for a medium coke in France the same medium coke is 2.50€.

At another MacDonald's i asked for a cheeseburger but with only cheese on the burger now how easy is that. The girl even made it look like she understood what i asked for well when the burger arrived it had all the crap on that  i didn't want on it. When it came time to complain all of a sudden she couldn't understand me so i just walked out in disgust. Two mistakes out of two 100% bad record. No it gets worse.

I wanted to use the free wifi and as i was just outside of Bordeaux when i saw another MacDonald's and again i called in for a cheeseburger while i used the wifi.  This time it was no different to the last one i went in, again i was given the incorrect order but this time when i complained i was told that i should learn the language and then she turned away. A complete disgrace, i had heard of other with similar experience's while travelling through France and it seems that the same happens if you want anything that requires a bit of work.

Reading this you  would think that i have just been looking for fault in the way i was dealt with by those in France. The comments above are just about things that went wrong.  I will do a separate post about the Frence people who i found to be very nice to me.

How not to be served

While travelling back through France I had to stop for fuel a number of times. Using a car that runs on gas you only find one pump at each service station unlike those for petrol where you may have more at all stations. I was having trouble connecting the pump and a service station worker came over to help. After saying thank you in French and shaking hands I went in to pay and join the queue to pay. When it was my turn I was able to say the pump number in French and I then handed over my money. To my surprise the assistant just put the receipt down on the counter and soon the change was banged down. When I pointed to what she had done she just ignored me and served the person behind me.

Yesterday while travelling back through France i again went to a service station for autogas. As the system usages a different type of adaptor than the one fitted to my car a staff member saw me having difficult time and came over to help me. 

What a silly girl she was.

Who want's snow?

I am in Liverpool for Christmas and New Year after being invited by one of my sons  who invited me to spend Christmas and New Year with him and his Fiance. While at my Mum's it started snowing and I took a picture with my new Ipad but there was no option to upload a picture until i could transfer it to my desktop.

While i have been in Portugal now four coming on to four year i haven't heard or seen snow rumour. The picture shows the driving snow in Liverpool one evening while i was at my mum's for tea. Come the  morning the snow was gone after the forcast was to be freezing conditions following the snow thankfully the snow didn't freeze. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Chicken Tikka Masala

On the 11th December a new restaurant opened some way away from where i live. I met the new owners at a couple of markets i had been to and i was invited to a pre opening but i got the date wrong and missed the pre opening just my luck.

I had been contacted to supply Spices to the restaurant after meeting the owners at one of the markets i go to and i looked forward to the opening. I delivered an order of Spices today and stayed to have a meal in the new restaurant. I could not have imagined what i was to expect when i arrived. The restaurant was as good as any you would expect to find in any city in the UK.

The menu thankfully was not as you would find in may places in the UK where it would be many pages long. One i had been in was 6 pages and after spending a long time reading i decided to leave. This menu selection at RestaurantePassion  was just great two pages with more than enough to choose from. My choice was Chicken Tikka Masala and wow i have never had chicken that you could cut with a spoon. The chicken was so good and the portion size was bigger than you would get in the UK. Then came desert Home made coconut ice cream on a bed of sliced pineapple with toasted almonds  and the zest of an orange. I have been spoilt tonight but now i need to start to cook food this good for myself.

I have been to many restaurants that serve a set menu and some i have been in the food was not as hot as you would expect. But it seems to be accepted by the locals. One well known restaurant where i live always serve chips that are almost cold how they manage to cook almost cold chips i don't know but they do.

Congratulations Lesley Dave and family with your new restaurant.

Here are the Longitude and Latitude setting for those with a satnav that takes these setting.

40 18 54 77 N
07 53 48 68 W

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Granite Granite everywhere

This week that kind Mr David Cameron paid me my winter fuel allowance and the pictures below show just what i did with it. I got my granite as you can see so Mr Cameron thanks.

The one thing i was worried about was getting all the sections of flue together and through the ceiling and the floor below. When i put the granite down on the floor i found the floor was not quite level, it only took a few hours to get the floor nice and level and it was time to put all the granite together and in place securely.

In a local village there is a retired Portuguese builder who is going to put the flue up and out of the roof. There is no way i would even try to get up there and i don't even have a clue what to door use to water proof the flue when it comes out of the roof. So i am happy to accept help.

A bonus when my fire is being used each day will be no more cold cups of tea.

Granite from the local granite factory. Even though i used graph paper to draw what i wanted the right hand piece of granite was cut wrong but swiftly replaced with another cut.

This weekend i should be lighting my fire for the first time.

You can see the insulation i used so that the heat from the flue can't do any harm. Even over my gas hob i couldn't get the insulation to light so i am happy that the flue is insulated OK.