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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The property that started it all

It was about maybe three/Four years ago that i first looked at the first house/ruin in Portugal. I looked at one ruin and the pictures below are of the first property i enquired about. I received a reply from the Nicky owner and at the time i explained that i was only enquiring about the property and that i was not looking to buy.

The Nicky  was very kind and helped me at this the start of my search.  The owners partner like myself is well known on the Forums that i am on and his name is Derek or " omostra06 ".  I could never have created any think like what the present owners  have built it takes a creative person to get the best out of what was in effect just a pile of stones It takes vision also the skills of a good group of builders.

 On the Forums that i use one thing i say often is that before anybody who is wanting to move to Portugal or in fact anywhere is that research is a must. It's no good like my friends Diana and Terry and fall in love with the first house they saw.

So what i am saying is anybody can follow there dream but without knowledge and knowing what to do the dream my take many turns. So please take care.

I would like to thank the property owner for allowing me to use these pictures.  The first pictures are various shots of the property and the last is the house finished. A truly remarkable feat.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

17th June a visit by a free man

I have tried to keep this Blog in the order of events in my journey to a new and i am sure a bitter life.

This is the first visit as a free man. I am now divorced and i am now Free.

I came over to Portugal on the 17th June for three days to attend a party at my mate Dave's place. As i came out of the airport at Porto i heard a voice " are you Peterfc " Peterfc is how i am known on the various Forums i am on and also there is a picture of me the real me. Of course i replied yes. Over a period of time i have replied a number of times to a poster from the Wirral where i used to live. The poster may be known to you as Tinapink. It was a nice to meet a fellow Forum member. Tine and Ken where going to go and sign for there house down near to Tomar and i wish them all the very best for the future. We where both getting a car from the same company so we had a little time to chat. As i had to be in Gois and time was tight i had to bid them farewell,  but on the flight back on Sunday maybe we will have more time for a chat. Tina and Ken asked me to pass on there best wishes to Bob, Jane and Diezel the dog who i was to meet in Gois at the river bar.

On my return flight i met up with Tina and Ken at the airport. Tina and Ken had signed for there hosue at the Notaries office and they are the proud owners of there place in the sun. Moving day is in October and i can only wish the well. I can only hope thta i will have made my move by then to my Vale Boa house.