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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Readers from more countries.

Looking at the stats of my Blog i get to see where everybody is viewing from. One regular reader is in the British Virgin Isles until today. Today the reader was in the US Virgin Isles until a short while ago when i noticed another new country to add to my list of countries where i have readers. Antigua & Barbuda and also the US Virgin Isles are the latest to add to the many countries on this planet where i have viewers.

Today 2nd March we have someone from Serbia so now about 80 countries have someone viewing my Blog.

Today 3rd March  yet another country we have someone reading from and this time we have Panama No81.

Today 6th March now Kenya we really are covering the world.

Today 17th March now Georgia from what was part of Russia.

Today  22nd March now CuraƧao  is an  island in the southern Caribbean Sea.

Today 27th April now we have Iraq and Estonia.

Today 28th April now  Ecuador has joined the family of readers of my Blog thank you all well almost all.

Today the 10th September I have a reader from Macedonia (FYROM)

Today 30th April we have a reader from  El Salvador now just how many more countries can find my Blog.

We really do get read worldwide

Monday, 23 February 2015

LED lights and what to do with them

Trying to do so much is often  a difficult task even for me.  While i have been waiting for the concrete to dry in the bathroom i have been getting on with a few other jobs. One job was to install the LED lights under my TV unit. I have two Routers but as they where second hand when i got them i don't have a guide to run my wood against so i had to make my own. About two years ago i got myself a LED light unit from Ikea but didn't have a use for it until now.

Without the guide to run the wood against i had to make my own. Because i already had my shelf units for my TV unit i had to practise to make sure i could make the cuts i wanted without doing any damage to my shelf. As the picture below shows i managed to complete the job and i am very pleased with how it looked when i switched on for the first time.

When i next go to my timber guy Chicco i will get the wood to complete the back for the unit and then start the bottom where i will have doors to hide my desktop computer.

When i did my kitchen shelves i didn't want brackets to be on show i came up with an idea of shelves without brackets on show.  In my bathroom i didn't want a bathroom cabinet with all the rubbish that gets put in them so what was the answer a shelf. Again i wanted a shelf but this time a glass shelf but this time i couldn't drill a hole to support the invisible bracket. So how do i do it just like i had seen on Grand Designs where glass was used to make stair treads from. These stair treads where about 100mm thick but it was how it was supported in the wall that was the part i had a problem with. A builder friend gave me the answer and it was silicon sealer.

I had to cut a hole in the wall about a 100mm deep to take the glass shelf and then build up the rear of the hole with silicon. Once plenty of silicon was in place i put the shelf in position and then filled the rest of the gap with more silicon and use a spirit level to make sure the shelf was straight.

The position of the shelf was measured so that the top of the shelf was on a line where a row of tiles will. The shelf was put in a position where i had measured and marked the wall so tiles wouldn't have to be cut. The picture below shows the shelf now fixed and in position and now waiting for the tiles to be put up.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Time to wait for the concrete to dry.

Not being able to do everything i want to do in my house i had to get in help to render my bathroom walls and raise the floor.

I got a local guy and his mate to come in to do it for me, walls rendered and the floor raised. Also the waste water from the floor once i have the shower connected and the new drain in the middle of the floor. The guys arrived at just 8 o'clock and by noon the walls where rendered and the waste water pipes laid in. After lunch they were back and 1pm and started to raise the floor and by 4.45pm the job was finished. During the time they where working they had no phone calls to take them away from the job. During there time at my house they never stopped for breaks, they just got on with the job they were doing for me.

Above on the left is the sink connections and waste outlet. Centre top is the shower connections. Bottom right toilet pipe connection. On the floor is the toilet waste pipe. Lastly a piece of the insulation to go under the underfloor heating system.

Now that's enough for now time for a few days break while the concrete floor dries when i can start to tile the floor first and then the walls.

For those who have seen the pictures of the shelves in my kitchen without brackets to support  them well the bathroom is getting the same treatment. A shelf an inch thick without supports, just hanging on the wall Floating in space picture to follow.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Progress on the bathroom.

For some time i have been working on my bathroom. Like most jobs i get in materials and when i run out i move onto another job that i do have the materials to carry on with. Today i lay in all the pipework for my bathroom both upstairs and downstairs. I had already installed the hot water system some time ago but now it's all connected. The next job before the week is out is to fit and get the toilet running and that has to be done in one day.

The pipes on the left are for my corner sink and on the right the pipes are for the shower.

The grey pipe is for the waste from the sink.

As soon as i saw the shower pictured  below on my chair i just had to have it. The reason being is that with the tiles i have chosen i will get the look i want in my bathroom.

I will take more photos tomorrow of the hot water system downstairs.

I will have to get someone in to render the walls as that's one job that has to be straight. Not before i raise the floor so i don't have to step down from the lounge into the bathroom as i want the floor to be the same as the lounge. As i am having the bathroom as a wet room the floor has to slope into the centre so i will have to get help so as it's done right. After that it's under floor heating down and then the floor tiles so not a huge amount to do.