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Monday, 23 February 2015

LED lights and what to do with them

Trying to do so much is often  a difficult task even for me.  While i have been waiting for the concrete to dry in the bathroom i have been getting on with a few other jobs. One job was to install the LED lights under my TV unit. I have two Routers but as they where second hand when i got them i don't have a guide to run my wood against so i had to make my own. About two years ago i got myself a LED light unit from Ikea but didn't have a use for it until now.

Without the guide to run the wood against i had to make my own. Because i already had my shelf units for my TV unit i had to practise to make sure i could make the cuts i wanted without doing any damage to my shelf. As the picture below shows i managed to complete the job and i am very pleased with how it looked when i switched on for the first time.

When i next go to my timber guy Chicco i will get the wood to complete the back for the unit and then start the bottom where i will have doors to hide my desktop computer.

When i did my kitchen shelves i didn't want brackets to be on show i came up with an idea of shelves without brackets on show.  In my bathroom i didn't want a bathroom cabinet with all the rubbish that gets put in them so what was the answer a shelf. Again i wanted a shelf but this time a glass shelf but this time i couldn't drill a hole to support the invisible bracket. So how do i do it just like i had seen on Grand Designs where glass was used to make stair treads from. These stair treads where about 100mm thick but it was how it was supported in the wall that was the part i had a problem with. A builder friend gave me the answer and it was silicon sealer.

I had to cut a hole in the wall about a 100mm deep to take the glass shelf and then build up the rear of the hole with silicon. Once plenty of silicon was in place i put the shelf in position and then filled the rest of the gap with more silicon and use a spirit level to make sure the shelf was straight.

The position of the shelf was measured so that the top of the shelf was on a line where a row of tiles will. The shelf was put in a position where i had measured and marked the wall so tiles wouldn't have to be cut. The picture below shows the shelf now fixed and in position and now waiting for the tiles to be put up.

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