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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Time to wait for the concrete to dry.

Not being able to do everything i want to do in my house i had to get in help to render my bathroom walls and raise the floor.

I got a local guy and his mate to come in to do it for me, walls rendered and the floor raised. Also the waste water from the floor once i have the shower connected and the new drain in the middle of the floor. The guys arrived at just 8 o'clock and by noon the walls where rendered and the waste water pipes laid in. After lunch they were back and 1pm and started to raise the floor and by 4.45pm the job was finished. During the time they where working they had no phone calls to take them away from the job. During there time at my house they never stopped for breaks, they just got on with the job they were doing for me.

Above on the left is the sink connections and waste outlet. Centre top is the shower connections. Bottom right toilet pipe connection. On the floor is the toilet waste pipe. Lastly a piece of the insulation to go under the underfloor heating system.

Now that's enough for now time for a few days break while the concrete floor dries when i can start to tile the floor first and then the walls.

For those who have seen the pictures of the shelves in my kitchen without brackets to support  them well the bathroom is getting the same treatment. A shelf an inch thick without supports, just hanging on the wall Floating in space picture to follow.

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