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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ceiling up, cable and lights done.

This week i have finished the ceiling in my bathroom. I was told a tip buy my joiner friend, he said to screw a piece of timber to the wall just below the ceiling and push the plasterboard into the gap. The picture below has been recreated to show just how i got the sheet of plasterboard up and in position. I put a piece of wood on top of the open shutters and put the timber you can see up to hold the plasterboard up. Easy when you have everything to hand. All cabling and lighting is done in preparation for when i go full solar sometime next year.

The gap at the top of the ceiling on the left is for the cable to go for the extractor fan. The fan will be at the side of the window just below the ceiling on the left.

The lighting is up and wired ready to be connected also as you can see the cables are in ready for the lights and switches. All wiring is from a consumer unit in the cellar, i intend to have a separate consumer unit in the cellar for each room. Only the underfloor heating and extractor fan now need to be installed and when they arrive from the UK that will be done.

A word of warning

A word of warning. A number of years ago i viewed a number of properties by a so called agent who advertises on a website that only does advertising by hosting adverts on behalf of owners or agents.

After seeing the last property we started back to where my car was parked some distance away. As we drove suddenly he stopped and said that he had to go and take photos of a property nearby. As we drove i asked if this was another property he had to put on his books. He then explained that no what he does is advertise the property and when he gets enough interest he then make an approach to the owner with an offer to buy.

The agent advertises the property and as much as he thinks he can get knowing he can get it for much less. The reason i mention this again is that i met a couple who after buying from him and some time later meeting the previous owner discovered that they paid 22,000€ over the price the old man who sold it for. The agent made 22,000€ plus all his fees etc. They told me the owner only got 8,000€ for his property. WARNING i was told this in good faith by a couple who foolishly not used a real registered agent and they are bitter to has been ripped of.

I mention this as while i had nothing better to do i found the agents site only to find that he mentions in bold black print that he is not an estate agent but he helps you buy the property of your dreams. His dream is of all the money he has robbed you of you.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Back to working on the bathroom.

I have just got back after a few days away visiting a friend. I came back to find that my Tomatoes, Strawberries and Chickens all doing very well. It's as if they don't need me but i am back and ready to get started with my bathroom.

Tomorrow i go to Chicco to order my ceiling timbers so i can put in a new ceiling and insulating. I will order the timber for round the doors like i have done around the windows. I have timber of my own but it's not long enough for around the door frames.

As soon as i got back i got onto the Internet to order an extractor fan for the bathroom, underfloor heating kit and shelf brackets to finish of the shelves in my kitchen. I already have  a box waiting in Liverpool for these items to arrive so that all the items i have had delivered to my son can be sent over to me.

To create the window for the bathroom i am going to ask Allan a retired joiner to help me so i get it right first time.

For anybody in a similar situation as me. Try and try again just give it a try and just maybe like me you can do things to your house that you will be proud of.

I hope that i have inspired someone to try and make things for there home. I now have a band saw and that's all the power tools i need, now i need to make a good working workshop but that's another story.

I have mentioned before about getting parcels delivered. In my next parcel due to leave the UK by next Monday will have in it, more shelf brackets, underfloor heating system, an extractor fan, parts for my SDS drill and a couple of drive.  Also some various food stuff and some Mature Cheddar cheese. All delivered by

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Now the bathroom gets some attention.

At long last i am able to make progress on my bathroom. I found that if i move the door to where the bottom of the stairs are and open it out instead of in i would have more room inside. Also  move the door and wall facing the front door out by 15cm i would gain over 12 cubic ft of extra space.

I have taken the wall and door out and also started to cut out for the new door way into the bathroom. I found that the wall measured 138cm and i can get a new bath that measures 140cm long. The found that the walls are covered in a cement render and if i remove some of the render i can get a bath to fit into my small bathroom. I will also have a shower over the bath.

In the right hand corner will be where my corner sink will go, the window will be made longer by about another 10inch's to the depth and a double glazed unit put in  instead of single glazed units that i have now. As you can see the back wall needs treating and then it will be insulated.

OK the picture below is what you must call Petite but i can get a WC, Sink and a bath complete with shower. Please come back to see how i progress with making a bathroom. I do have a bathroom and shower downstairs but i want to use this one on the same level as the rest of my house.

There will be a wall just above where the bath will be and above that will be a window from wall to wall and from bath to ceiling and double glazed. The frame i will make from my stock of aged Chestnut timber. I have cut all the timber for the window now i need my friend Chicco the timber guy to plane it down for me to make the new frame.

Here i have started to cut the new door opening and it's not an easy job with it being such thick a wall.