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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Photo's of where it all started years ago in Spain

This story was started on the 24th October 2010 but with the pressure of work etc it's taken till now to find the photo's and complete the post for all to see more of how it all began.

Below is a photo of an old winery " Bodega " in a place called the Ayora Valley in Spain. The vines where part of the property and they still where used to make wine. The property came with half an acre of land mostly all used for the vines.

After many months of research i was ready to speak to my wife about having a holiday home in the Sun. Because i was doing research into a possible move i sat down with her and  told her of what we could have, not just for use but our children and there children. She refused to have anything to do with the idea. It seems that my daughter had been having a look at all the papers i had printed about the property and about the region of Spain.My daughter had been feeding her mother with her version of what i was up to. When in fact i was just getting information so that i could answer questions from my wife should she have any about Spain and the Ayora Valley..

The property would have made a great two bedroom apartment on the ground floor complete with kitchen/ diner and bathrooms. The same layout on the second floor as was on the ground floor. In the roof space there was room for a one bed Studio apartment.

To one side was a courtyard where a barbecue area would be and a pool. All this for 104.000euro. Less than one hour from two international airports what could be better. My wife believed that all she saw on tv about Spain and the land grab was true of all Spain. The Ayora Valley was not in the part the was causing many other to risk losing the homes. Sadly the idea was dead in the water.