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Friday, 29 July 2016

All the stairs now finished

It's taken me longer than i had hopped but the stairs up to my bedroom are now finished. Now i need to decide do i varnish them, do i stain them and then varnish them. Lastly do i paint them at the moment i can't decide just what to do but that's the last big job till my Son and Charlotte come over for a few days break.

I have lots of little jobs that need finishing and for the coming week that's what i will be doing.

Starting with the lights in the skirting boards.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

You need stairs to get to the bedroom

Since i last posted i have been busy but not with visible things that i can take a picture of and post on my Blog. Cutting wood for the new stairs is not worth taking a picture of me in a dark cellar but today. Well today i was up early and the the results can be seen. I am only doing what you can see today because of the heat.

The spindles are only in position because i cut them ready for when i plasterboard the ceiling. The newell post is outside drying after three coats of varnish has been applied.

Tomorrow the top half will be finished but again i need to get up early to avoid most of the heat

Monday, 18 July 2016

Phew 33c inside

Phew today was hot, I was I was finishing the stud work for the ceiling in the lounge and I sweat continually from start to finish. As I finished I put my aircon on to check the temperature it was in the room. The temperature was 33c at 6.45 pm just when it should be cooling down there seems no sign of the temperature going down any time soon.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A day playing with skirting

The skirting has all been cut, sanded down nice and smooth and now has been stained. None can be fitted until the LED lights are fitted. Today was a good day and lots done but not a lot to see.

Skirting done and ready to be fitted, the short skirting next to the unit will have a LED light.

Staining now done and after the new door to the storage space is done and in position the skirting can be fitted. Oh the LED lights go along here as well.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

More materials arrived

After weeks of waiting i am now getting together the materials to carry on with the jobs i am in the middle of doing. For my stairs i am having floor to ceiling spindles up the stairs with a big floor to ceiling Newel post When i went to collect the spindles one had a bad mark on it so i asked for another to be cut but i will have to go back for that.

Each spindle is made of two halves that have to be joined together and then have the edges moulded to produce the effect i am after.

Monday, 11 July 2016

After a difficult week

Last week was a very frustrating week every job I had to do I was waiting for someone else. I was waiting for the last two units to arrive, these units are for my hanging clothes. I couldn't cut out fit the skirting boards till the units where in place. Each skirting board between the four units is having an LED light fitted in it, guess what I am waiting for the light units to be delivered. I can't stain the skirting till Chicco opens after his holiday to get the stain I need. Lastly the electrician is booked now everything is in place this week should see a lot done or so I hope.

Well worth the wait but the wrong colour./

Now i need to make brackets for the hangers to hang on.

The diference between two different makers. It will be easier for me to stain the one on the left than to wait for the guy to restain.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

A very rude awakening this morning

This morning while fast asleep i was disturbed by a loud banging noise. It kept going for a while and i had to look outside to see what had woken me up. A ruin on the other side of the bottom lane had no roof on and this started by 8am. I tried to go back to bed but it was a waste i was by now wide awake so it was an early start to the day.

I had a good view from the window in my new bedroom and by 1pm they workers stopped for lunch or that's what i thought but they never came back. What you see below is the roof that took 5 hours to remove the old roof and make a new roof. Most of the timbers was cut using a chainsaw what you can't see is a scaffolding tower this was done from of ladders. Damn god job for 5 hours work.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Nothing to do SO

Today after finishing waxing the floor time was on my side and i had nothing to do till my two units for the wall arrive so after a nice cup of tea i decided to find something to do.

As the picture below shows my bedroom coming together how i wish i could have the chimney fitted into the end wall and get that finished. To get finished i need to get the ceiling in the lounge done and that's my next job. The reason being the chimney has to come through the floor and out the end wall, this is so heat from the chimney goes to warm the room in winter.

Last of the floor waxed

Well i have finally got the floor finished and the picture below is of the last of the floor that i had to wax. The next step is to put the skirting boards down but before i do that i am going to stain it the colour of the wall units. Inside the skirting boards i am going to install mini Led lights often called plinth lights.

 Below is a picture of the type of lights i am going to fit in the skirting boards.

Friday, 1 July 2016

It's coming on

I was on my knee's so much that in the end i had to give up i would just have to wax the floor a bit at a time. The last two units are on there way, skirting boards ordered and the trim for round the windows is to be varnished today so progress is being made.

Just had to put the TV up it makes the room look almost done.