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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A day playing with skirting

The skirting has all been cut, sanded down nice and smooth and now has been stained. None can be fitted until the LED lights are fitted. Today was a good day and lots done but not a lot to see.

Skirting done and ready to be fitted, the short skirting next to the unit will have a LED light.

Staining now done and after the new door to the storage space is done and in position the skirting can be fitted. Oh the LED lights go along here as well.


  1. Hi Peter,
    Hope alls well,

    Our big move is now upon us! Tuesday 19th 😁

    Just read your post reply about insulated plasterboard. We're in the same position, single walls, and I came up with the same solution thinking that it would be the answer. Frtom what you say that seems to be the case.
    I toyed with the idea of shipping it over but the weight makes that a non starter.
    The only place that I have seen it is in Leroy Merlin, Castelo Branco. Just wondered where you had bought yours?

    Also, we need a coffin loft water tank (low and long, 114 ltr). Haven't seen one at all in PT so buying it from B&Q. Just wondered if you may have noticed a similksimilkar tank anywhere?

    All the best,


  2. Hi Chris

    I am glad i used insulated plasterboard and it can be found in most builders merchants. Give me a day or two and i will get the name for it i have to go for some plasterboard for my ceiling. Not having needed a water tank i have not looked or noticed sorry i can't help on that.

    By for now


  3. Hi Chris

    forgot to mention i used 35mm battens for the walls so as to give an air gap also to allow me to run in the cables for my sockets. For example kitchen 24 sockets it would have been a problem to install more later. Lounge 16 and another four to fit. New master bedroom 16 sockets. better to fit than have to retro fit later.