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Monday, 28 November 2016

What no cable

I made a pair of bedside tables sometime ago and also i made my own Table lights as well. Today i had a visitor and used my friend help me to put the bedside tables up. As they need to be fixed from the rear of the wall it's one job i need another pair of hands.

Table lamp in position and no cable hanging down. The socket is hidden under the bedside table out of sight. The one on the other side of the bed is the same as this side.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Christmas is cancelled this year

This  Christmas I'm not planning to go back to the UK this year I plan on staying here in my little piece of heaven. I have plans at the end of January  that mean I have to carry on here to complete the plans I have. So this Christmas will be different and Dave, Dee, Ashley, and one or two more will be having Christmas dinner with me this year.

Last Christmas was not the best I have had and I would rather forgive and forget last Christmas the past is long gone. The plans for the future mean I must stay here I have so much to do with my Organic Spices and now I have Organic Honey as well to plan for.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Iberianspices now does Mail order

Well it's  I had hoped but mail-order has now arrived. Today I went to the post office to get the prices of the various sizes of parcel I expect to deliver. But one thing I'm not happy with is having to display my email on Iberianspices but I will find a way to take orders without having to display my email but for now.  That's it my lord is up and running.

Below is a screenshot of part of the Iberianspices site.

The postal prices are for up to 350 gram is normal mail 1.40€ or rapid mail is 2.20€
The postal prices are for up to 1050 gram is normal mail 3.25€ or rapid mail is 4.60€

The reason for the odd 50gram is to allow for packaging so 3X 100 gram packs plus packaging comes within 350 gram.

A word of warning buyers who wish to pay via Paypal will be charged a surcharge imposed by Paypal of approximately  0.50€.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nothing but dust.

I have been stuck in all week because my van is in for a service and won't be back till Friday. I decided as i couldn't go to Chicco's to get the timber for the jobs i am in the middle of i decided to get down on my knees and do the floor.

With my trusty belt sander i started by the fire first and it took all day to finish one section. Then it was a massive cleanup, the sander gives of so much dust everywhere was covered in dust. I expected the dust so i moved everything out of the lounge 

It's to much of a job to try and do to much due to the dust. It does look better than the picture shows. Tomorrow i will complete the area at the bottom of the stairs and then carry on by the fire.

Take care who delivers your parcel.

Much about GLS.  GLS are the Courier company who have a very very bad record for the delivery of parcels here in Portugal.  I have had problems with a  number of parcels delivered by GLS so I don't use Royalmail. Royalmail are the owners of GLS so it's no wonder that service is bad.

I needed a part for my car and the company used a Courier company called DPD. I gave the address details from a business card from the garage who will be doing the job on my car. Guess what they couldn't find the address even though the garage is very big and not a small one man band type place. Not only did they not delivery but they contacted me for address details to confirm the correct location.  Not only did they not deliver after checking the address but they sent the parcel back to the UK company who sent it to me in Portugal.

For my Spices I use UPS and have not had one problem with any delivery to date. Because I have a number of small parcels at my friends in Deal Kent I contacted UPS to deliver to him the part for my car and then he will send everything to me by UPS. Now there is a moral there use Pharosparcels and they will send the parcel via UPS.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Stuffed and mounted what a waste, a rare Liverpool beast

I go to the railway station today to see an endangered species found only in Liverpool The Superlambanana to give it it's full title. These beautiful creatures found only in the wild of Liverpool a few years ago are already on the endangered species list to to people wanting them as pets. But they are not suitable for being pets so if you see one in the wild leave them alone.

I was lucky to see this one that has been stuffed and mounted it would be better running free.

Hope Ashley likes this.

Just to many ingredients

Today I got myself a Pizza from a local supermarket as a treat to me. After reading the ingredient list on the back of the packaging I decided to leave the pizza to others to eat just look at the ingredient list below.

Is there any need to make a Pizza with so many ingrediets or am i being to fussy?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


i have been in Liverpool for the last few wet freezing days. The ground seems to be permanently wet and rain falling maybe because the rain had nothing better to do while I have been here.

I got to see my Mum today and the first thing I said was I Feel like Jesus walking on water. Well Friday I go home and can leave this rain sodden place behind.

Friday, 4 November 2016

A milestone

I am leaving on Monday morning for a fews days with my Mum in Liverpool. I had planned to get the ceiling finished and i have, apart for where the electrician has to does his work on the front and rear lights and the ceiling fan.

Lots of sanding to do but done but it will be a big help to keep the lounge warm over the coming winter.

Very economical LED lights when in place they will make the look i want in this my home.

Instead of cleaning the room i am letting all the dust settle then hopefully Sunday i can clean the lounge before i fly away on Monday morning.At the moment everything has a horrible film of dust everywhere.