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Monday, 30 August 2010

The journey continues.

Well recently i became Single again and i am happy to say it feels good. Today was another milestone our family home was sold, Sold done and dusted and money in the bank. Wow

But the journey well that's the story. Having someone in my past who proved very unhelpful was at best annoying at worst XXXX. A divorce is bad at the best of times but to constantly having to demand information and  not get replies. Is enough that i made the agent remove the property from the market twice.

Not wanting to pay blood sucking Solicitors any money i did away with them and as luck had it all  worked out just fine from that point on. Her solicitor was happy to reply to my emails and there where lots of emails for there where questions i needed answers to.

The greatest help was a company on the Wirral who even though i made them remove the property from the market twice where more than helpful. Without them acting at times as a go between maybe the sale would not have gone through today.

Another aprt of the journey to get my dream of my Place in the sun.

Thank you all for letting me get this of my chest and to look forward.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Well it's now the Question time

Well time is now drawing near and i must concentrate on preparing to make my move to My Place in the Sun Vale Boa in Portugal.

I now have a Transit van and a big trailer to make my move easy as i will be doing the driving from the UK to Vale Boa portugal.

Some important questions or at least to me they are. In the two bedrooms are two beds now the two bed look great but i want new mattresses. The beds in Portugal at one time where a different size than we have in the UK.

At times there are what's called " Spikes " in the electric that causes a surge in power. So to avoid that i need surge protectors for all electrical in the house.

There are so many issues to address before i go. Most of the information i need can find by asking questions on the various Expat Forums i am on.

 Below are three Expat Forums i am on.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Making my own Ice Cream

It's easy to move to another country and have regrets. For me one would be ice cream i have more than is good for me but i like it.

The answer is to make my own so here is what i did. Instead of using Google i asked a question on a forum i use. I received lots of help and on one answer from Victoria  was a recipe for "   Basic American ice cream ". Well today being a Sunday and i am of work till 6pm so i had a go at the recipe.

For a first attempt i think i didn't do to bad a job.  I had some Raspberries in my freezer so i blended them and added the crushed Raspberry juice to the ice cream. Now that's another problem solved. 

I am told by friends in Portugal that it's the hottest summer for many years. Well ice cold ice  cream will certainly keep me going when i move.

Preparations for the move are now underway.

It seems a lifetime since i started my search to find a Place in the sun. I was lucky to come across a cottage in a place called Val Boa just outside of a small towm called Gois.

Well a few important things have happened and the first one is that our home on the Wirral has been sold, we exchange contracts in the next week. My ex wife reduced the house a lot to make sure that it sold quickly and it did. Well it worked but the outcome was ok for me as i still get my agreed share but it is my ex wife who lowered her share to get a quick sale. Oh well at least i am ok.

As the house i have found in Val Boa is furnished my needs are simple, i am taking with me just what i need so i can move into my cottage and be comfortable. As i paint and decorate the cottage room by room i will then furnish each room as i go.

For the move i have got myself a van and now i am White vanman my mate Dave here in Liverpool has a big trailer to let me use for my move.

I have just had an engine rebuild in my car, after 120,000 miles in five years from new it was best to get it done now. At least i should have another 100,000 miles trouble free motoring ahead of me.