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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Preparations for the move are now underway.

It seems a lifetime since i started my search to find a Place in the sun. I was lucky to come across a cottage in a place called Val Boa just outside of a small towm called Gois.

Well a few important things have happened and the first one is that our home on the Wirral has been sold, we exchange contracts in the next week. My ex wife reduced the house a lot to make sure that it sold quickly and it did. Well it worked but the outcome was ok for me as i still get my agreed share but it is my ex wife who lowered her share to get a quick sale. Oh well at least i am ok.

As the house i have found in Val Boa is furnished my needs are simple, i am taking with me just what i need so i can move into my cottage and be comfortable. As i paint and decorate the cottage room by room i will then furnish each room as i go.

For the move i have got myself a van and now i am White vanman my mate Dave here in Liverpool has a big trailer to let me use for my move.

I have just had an engine rebuild in my car, after 120,000 miles in five years from new it was best to get it done now. At least i should have another 100,000 miles trouble free motoring ahead of me. 


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