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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Making my own Ice Cream

It's easy to move to another country and have regrets. For me one would be ice cream i have more than is good for me but i like it.

The answer is to make my own so here is what i did. Instead of using Google i asked a question on a forum i use. I received lots of help and on one answer from Victoria  was a recipe for "   Basic American ice cream ". Well today being a Sunday and i am of work till 6pm so i had a go at the recipe.

For a first attempt i think i didn't do to bad a job.  I had some Raspberries in my freezer so i blended them and added the crushed Raspberry juice to the ice cream. Now that's another problem solved. 

I am told by friends in Portugal that it's the hottest summer for many years. Well ice cold ice  cream will certainly keep me going when i move.

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