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Sunday, 19 March 2017

A window sill

Before i varnish the floor i am doing the window frames and it's not easy. The existing sill is made from concrete and to put my wood sill in place would have looked odd. The concrete sill just had to go but it didn't want to go even with a hammer and chisel.

The sill was as thick as the timber sill i had made by Chicco to go in it's place. Having used a hammer chisel before to remove concrete i didn't expect it to be this difficult. It took over an hour to to remove this sill.

After removing the concrete sills i put the new wood sills in place to see how they fit and looked. Unfortunately my friend from next door Fernando called round with a bottle of Port with a date of 1978 on it. Fernando has dates on all his drink collection. Fernando has hundreds of bottles of spirits and some i don't recognise  and all dated.

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