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Friday, 21 January 2011

Well we have now got Christmas and the New year out of the way and it's now all to play for. My house has been on the market now to long and to be honest i am getting a little bored. I live on my own in a three bedroom house that i want to sell.
When i said to my son that i was bored he laughed and said well what would be the difference between here and my house in Portugal.  That's easy to answer in Portugal i have a house that needs a lot on minor attention. The main things that need doing for my own comfort are a new Kitchen and Bathroom. I intend to take twelve months to get the house ready. If i can move before the summer then the first job will be to have the roof taken of and. To make a bedroom in the loft means i need to have a roof that is well insulated, at present the roof just has tiles on it. The roof needs to be first boarded and then a vapour barrier and then the tiles refitted. If i can i will use the old tiles as they have more character than new tiles would. While we are on the roof this would be an ideal time to have a Solar system for the hot water and central heating system.

The next job is going to be to create a master bedroom in the loft space. The roof will have 200mm of insulation and then finished with plasterboard. The floor will be sanded and polished and then it's complete.

It's now about time i caught up with my Blog as there really is a lot to do to catch up.