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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Advertising how far does it have to go

have you ever considered the subject of advertising. We can't help really because everywhere we go or look we see some form of advert. But how intrusive does advertising get Doctors surgeries, schools, hospitals but just when does advertising get just to much. I recently went by train to Porto airport and on that journey I needed to use the Loo. I was shocked so shocked I took a photo but not till after I was in the Gents on my own. Look at the picture below and yes that is a some kind of video display on the urinal yes right in front of me an advert moving and in full colour. How of was that, it's not something you expect to find when you go to the loo.


  1. Go to a Japanese loo and you'll see how far the common bog can go to comfort you while you take a dump.

  2. There could have been a strip show on the monitor while you were taking a leak and holding the precious item of pleasure. Ha, ha. Could not resist that one as an after thought Peter.