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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I will make this place warm you just watch me do it

Now the weather is changing and it's time to get more work done. With the timber I had in stock I was able to get a good park of the ceiling started.

The piece of timber with clamps on is a straight edge that I am using so I can get the ceiling perfect. I must admit boing this on my own with three metre long tubers is very tiring but there is always a way to get thing done it only takes a bit of thinking about.

Just where would you put this.

For this wheel you would need a giant Hamster. I went to see a friend on Monday and this is what I found a giant Hamster wheel so if you see a giant Hamster then let me know.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Let there be light

I am waiting for a number of materials for my new bedroom but not wanting to waste time while i wait. I had a nice piece of Chestnut laying around and decided that i could make a pair of bedside lights. Well the picture below shows the light units before a lot of sanding and varnishing that has to be done. It won't be long and this will be finished maybe before the materials i am waiting on arrive.

Once varnished the grain looks even better. The ideal would be to make them come on by movement and not have to have a light switch.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Cupboard units delivered.

Last week i ordered a new window for the master bedroom along with my cupboard units. My cupboard units won't have any doors on because i want them open. I have ordered four units from my friend Chicco and the first two i now have and the wardrobe ones are being made for next week. Two units will go either side of my bed and two will be in the opposite wall. I am still waiting on materials for outstanding jobs so it's crack on with my bedroom.

If you can picture this you can see the look i am after.

Once the window arrives i will have lots more light so i carry on with the building of my bedroom. I have a dream of fitting in a shower but how i fit it into the slope of the roof i don't know.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

House falls down in Vale Boa?

I had a call today by a good friend asking if my house was OK. I asked why and he said that he heard that a house in Vale Boa had fallen down. I said i had heard something the day before and had a look as the ruin next door to me is in a very bad condition.

After going out for a walk to have a look around i found in a little alley way part of a roof had fallen down. From what i had been told it was a major fall and one of the locals wanted to report it to the local Camara " council " the pictures below show just how bad this fall was, the rubble would fill a couple of wheel barrows.

Some major fall i don't think.

This picture was taken from my veranda and you can see the roof has fallen in on it's self now another dead property never to be used again.

This is the ruin next to my house that has fallen in on it's self a long time ago. The owners want 10,000€ for this pile of stone. I want it just to remove a couple of trees in my way but not at 10,000€.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Yoyo

Most of the people i know watch the Euro rate daily mostly they like me are on pensions and want the best exchange rate when they transfer there money.

Most like me wait to transfer our pension when the rate gives the best amount of Euros for the Pound

Somebody today said they had been listening to the BBC new and it had been reported that the Euro was to have a name change. the new name was to be the Yoyo due to the rate going up and down all of the time. No the date is not 1st April.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Sunshile came softly through my window today. So Donovan said

Well the Dams are  reported to be full and the weather for the week ahead is Sun Sun and more Sun. The warm Sum today reminded me of the Donovan song Sunshine superman and the first line goes " Sunshine came softly a-through my a-window today "

So lets hope for a year as good or better than last year, next week forecast Sun and 21c.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A strange one about Facebook

I went onto Facebook to see how an old friend was getting on today. What i found was i couldn't get onto there Facebook page and upon investigation i found i was blocked. I tried to contact my friend who by email told me they hadn't blocked me and there Ipad was being repaired. I know the system and for someone to be blocked you have to go into Facebook to block someone there is no other way.

If there had been a problem i would have expected to have been told but to be lied to i am not bothered now. For a friend to try and kid me that they didn't block me is a shame and i hope they don't now get in touch and say OH sorry it was a mistake.

Seems I was wrong my friend didn't block me from Facebook but someone in the family had because that's the way it works you have to go into the setting to do it.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Now my table gets some treatment

For a while I have had a lot of jobs to finish and my table was one. I had ordered a load of timber all cut to various sizes and today I felt like starting on my table and the picture shows how it looks after the first coat of varnish. As my table will be in daily use it needs plenty of the hard varnish I have to build up a great finish so it's lots of hard work from me.

As the seats are round i have given the job to Chicco to make new seats for me but it's me who will have to varnish them afterwards.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Good news today

A little while ago while in Liverpool i heard that an old school mate Steve had a traffic accident and injuries to his spine. It's good to hear today that Steve has feeling in his legs again Martin called me today to give me the good news so when i go over for my Mum's 91st year birthday i can go and see how steve is getting on.

On Facetime Steve is always quiet and withdrawn but i will speak to him tomorrow now i have some good news and hope he is more like the old Steve.

Friday, 4 March 2016

5€ and very good value

Ever wondered why when you need to visit the doctor in the UK you can't get an appointment? When you do get your appointment time the surgery is never full as you would expect from the difficulty in getting your appointment in the first place.

All the no hoppers, those who don't know how to do a days works and those who make appointments for something as simple as a little cut. How it would all change if you had to pay when you turned up to see your doctor say as little as £5. You would get the time wasters saying £5 the cost of 10 fags.

Today i needed to see my doctor as i have a throat infection. All i had to do was turn up pay my 5€ and wait to see the triage nurse for weight, height, blood pressure and temperature to be checked. After that it was a short wait in the waiting room and in to see the doctor. Simple and in less than half an hour i seen by the doctor, out and i was was in the Chemist to get my prescription, the prescription i have to pay part and the UK  pay the rest my part cost 1.97€ now that's better than the UK.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Door frame finishing touches done

It's been a little while and my door frame has now been finished in the lounge. It may mean nothing but I get an idea in my head and with this idea I had to laminate three pieces of timber together to get the look that i wanted. Then I needed a piece of dowel and all this from Chestnut, I used off cuts for the curved parts and I rounded a long thin piece of another piece of Chestnut and then sand then all down into a dowel shape and what you see. Plenty of varnish and it's all complete it looks every bit as good as I thought it would. It's function well none it's just a something to fill a gap between the doors.