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Friday, 4 March 2016

5€ and very good value

Ever wondered why when you need to visit the doctor in the UK you can't get an appointment? When you do get your appointment time the surgery is never full as you would expect from the difficulty in getting your appointment in the first place.

All the no hoppers, those who don't know how to do a days works and those who make appointments for something as simple as a little cut. How it would all change if you had to pay when you turned up to see your doctor say as little as £5. You would get the time wasters saying £5 the cost of 10 fags.

Today i needed to see my doctor as i have a throat infection. All i had to do was turn up pay my 5€ and wait to see the triage nurse for weight, height, blood pressure and temperature to be checked. After that it was a short wait in the waiting room and in to see the doctor. Simple and in less than half an hour i seen by the doctor, out and i was was in the Chemist to get my prescription, the prescription i have to pay part and the UK  pay the rest my part cost 1.97€ now that's better than the UK.

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