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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New Spices

For those who also follow my Spices Blog I have just updated it with the new Spices I will be bringing with me when I leave Liverpool sometime in the coming days.

I look forward to seeing you at the coming Markets at both Miranda and Barril

To find my Spice Blog just Google Iberianspices and the Blog will come up. Soon as I can I will put a link here so you can go my this Blog direct to my Spice Blog.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A day out with Sean.

While here in Liverpool I have  been lucky to have spent a lot of time with my two grandchildren Sean and Chelsee. I normally see them on FaceTime on my IPad but to see them as much as I have will make going home to Portugal that bit harder.

Today I went out with Sean to pass a card to be passed to a friend who is ill. We got to go to my favourite gun shop even though now you can't buy pistols due to Tony the Tory needing to get the votes at the next election. My gun of choice was always a pistol and when the law took my guns i lost a passtime i was very fond of.  Had i known about the type of pistols pictured below i would have been able to carry on shooting till i moved to Portugal

 Below is my grandson Sean showing of the extended pistols i could have been shooting. I have Blured out Sean's face because some people may not be to happy with me taking my grandson to see guns and to hold them as well.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

And the speed goes bump.

Here in Liverpool and I am sure all over the UK there is a growing pest and one I hate. I may be wrong but the pest breeds at night and in the cold light of day there offspring are soon to be found in the early morning and nothing can be done they are in place.

This pest leaves roads blocked but passable, I have seen four or five near Miranda do Corvo and Serpins and this road at Serpins has now been spoilt so long as no more appear.

The pest in question is an old one and one I have disliked for a long time and had hopped I had left them behind when I moved.

This pest is one I have mentioned before it's called speed bumps. I gave up driving like a lunatic many years ago and don't need these pests popping up all over the place.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Even the Bulls get in the story

Coming out of Bordeaux i had no idea of my next city i had to travel to next as i now had no satnav. I saw a sign for Nants only to find after a stop at Mcdonalds where i could access the free wifi. I found i was well of route by 46km i should have gone heading to Poitiers not Nants. The hard part without a map was crossing a city to find the next road on my route. At Mcdonalds i copied down my route Poitiers - Tours - Le Mans - Alencon - Rouen - Dieppe.

Since i arrived back in Liverpool i have now got myself a new satnav for my return home.

My first fuel stop was before i got to the border with Spain, Ok if the garage was open. I waited as i wanted travel with a full take of gas, while waiting i read my Kindle suddenly i heard a noise and looking out i saw a horse by my window.

This horse is not something you find wandering along a road at the side of a garage but it soon wandered of.

Passing through a part of Spain where the bulls are breed for the Bull ring i saw at the side of the motorway some bulls.

These are the bulls that are used to breed the fighting bulls.

More later about airplanes parked up on a pole.

Roundabout in Châtellerault

It's a long time since i passed my friving test in fact now 47 years. I have been lucky to have enjoyed every minute of my many yearsof driving. I have just arrived back in Liverpool to help celebrate my Mum's 90th birthday and also i drove back from Portugal to Liverpool. One thing spoint the drive was when my satnav failed on me as i got to Bordeaux in the south of france. With having no maps apart from a faulty satnav i had to just get on with the rest of the drive.

I came upon this amazing roundabout midway from Poitiers and Tours at a place called Châtellerault. I avoided travelling on the motorways and made a trip of going on the Main roads. Roads lined with trees along both sides and beautiful villages.

The picture if of a roundabout at Châtellerault, this picture is from the internet as driving around the roundabout twice i couldn't find a place i could stop to talk a picture.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Door frame finished

This is the last job to be done for a while, i am going back to the UK early Saturday morning to a 90th Birthday party.

I finished making the door frame for my bathroom. Unlike the UK where you can go just about anywhere to buy a door frame. I am sure should i look i could get door frames here but not in beautiful Chestnut so i just had to make my own. Tools out and get started, in the UK a frame comes ready to fit but i had a trip to Chicco to get some wood first. I am running low on my own stocks of Chestnut so it was time to buy some more.

While using my router to make some moldings i had an accident when a molding bit snapped and it just flew of but it could have hit me, how lucky was I.

After two days all the frame was complete, varnished and job done, it really is better to do a job yourself at the end of the day i know it's done right.

I won't hang the door till the bathroom is finished and maybe that won't take to long if i can use a pump to increase my water pressure.