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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A day out with Sean.

While here in Liverpool I have  been lucky to have spent a lot of time with my two grandchildren Sean and Chelsee. I normally see them on FaceTime on my IPad but to see them as much as I have will make going home to Portugal that bit harder.

Today I went out with Sean to pass a card to be passed to a friend who is ill. We got to go to my favourite gun shop even though now you can't buy pistols due to Tony the Tory needing to get the votes at the next election. My gun of choice was always a pistol and when the law took my guns i lost a passtime i was very fond of.  Had i known about the type of pistols pictured below i would have been able to carry on shooting till i moved to Portugal

 Below is my grandson Sean showing of the extended pistols i could have been shooting. I have Blured out Sean's face because some people may not be to happy with me taking my grandson to see guns and to hold them as well.


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