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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Roundabout in Châtellerault

It's a long time since i passed my friving test in fact now 47 years. I have been lucky to have enjoyed every minute of my many yearsof driving. I have just arrived back in Liverpool to help celebrate my Mum's 90th birthday and also i drove back from Portugal to Liverpool. One thing spoint the drive was when my satnav failed on me as i got to Bordeaux in the south of france. With having no maps apart from a faulty satnav i had to just get on with the rest of the drive.

I came upon this amazing roundabout midway from Poitiers and Tours at a place called Châtellerault. I avoided travelling on the motorways and made a trip of going on the Main roads. Roads lined with trees along both sides and beautiful villages.

The picture if of a roundabout at Châtellerault, this picture is from the internet as driving around the roundabout twice i couldn't find a place i could stop to talk a picture.

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