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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Door frame finished

This is the last job to be done for a while, i am going back to the UK early Saturday morning to a 90th Birthday party.

I finished making the door frame for my bathroom. Unlike the UK where you can go just about anywhere to buy a door frame. I am sure should i look i could get door frames here but not in beautiful Chestnut so i just had to make my own. Tools out and get started, in the UK a frame comes ready to fit but i had a trip to Chicco to get some wood first. I am running low on my own stocks of Chestnut so it was time to buy some more.

While using my router to make some moldings i had an accident when a molding bit snapped and it just flew of but it could have hit me, how lucky was I.

After two days all the frame was complete, varnished and job done, it really is better to do a job yourself at the end of the day i know it's done right.

I won't hang the door till the bathroom is finished and maybe that won't take to long if i can use a pump to increase my water pressure.

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  1. It is tough to get the molding around a door frame to have a perfect fit sometimes. My wife and I had some trouble with this earlier this year when we put in a door frame at our beach house. We were able to get an almost perfect fit for the molding by using a skill saw and plenty of patience!