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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Even the Bulls get in the story

Coming out of Bordeaux i had no idea of my next city i had to travel to next as i now had no satnav. I saw a sign for Nants only to find after a stop at Mcdonalds where i could access the free wifi. I found i was well of route by 46km i should have gone heading to Poitiers not Nants. The hard part without a map was crossing a city to find the next road on my route. At Mcdonalds i copied down my route Poitiers - Tours - Le Mans - Alencon - Rouen - Dieppe.

Since i arrived back in Liverpool i have now got myself a new satnav for my return home.

My first fuel stop was before i got to the border with Spain, Ok if the garage was open. I waited as i wanted travel with a full take of gas, while waiting i read my Kindle suddenly i heard a noise and looking out i saw a horse by my window.

This horse is not something you find wandering along a road at the side of a garage but it soon wandered of.

Passing through a part of Spain where the bulls are breed for the Bull ring i saw at the side of the motorway some bulls.

These are the bulls that are used to breed the fighting bulls.

More later about airplanes parked up on a pole.

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