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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Just got myself a new toy and it's name is No6 a free man "cool name" for a trailer

I have just got myself a nice big trailer so that when i make my move to my place in the sun Vale Boa i can take my belonging in my trailer. I will have to do two trips to get everything over to Vale Boa but it will be worth it in the end.

Wait for an update to this story.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A trip to a Royal Marine Commando Base.

Saturday the 5th February was a day that i learnt a lot about the work that my eldest son does he is a Royal Marine Commando.

We got to spend a day at the base he is stationed at. We got to learn about the proposed next trip over to Afghanistan and going to a place called Nad Ali. Nad Ali is said to be the most dangerous area in Afghanistan.

During the day we got to see some of the weapons that will be used and i am glad that my son is going fully propared for the job they have to do.

For a long time whenever we had a problem at work during the night if the alarm had a problem then the alarm company would call. just as you wake your first reaction is has something happened to my my lad in the Marines. Always it was the alarm company but who knows one night it could have been to report something that as a parent you don't want to here.

The commanding Office gave use all a talk about the mission they where to be on. During the talk he started to talk about what would happen if anybody was to be injured. It seems that at no time would they ever call anybody, they have a team on all the Commando bases who make face to face contact with you no matter what happens. It is reassuring to know that should anything ever happen then it's a knock on the door and not a phone call.  

A trip to the Military ward in Queen Elizabeth hospital

Wednesday the 9th February was a good day in fact no it was a proud day.

In my business a long time ago we started to charge our customers if they wanted a carrier bag. We asked for a donation for the local hospice, we raised up to maybe £12,000/£13,000.

We have a customer who comes in who was at the time still in the Army. Due to four operations on his shoulders he has now been discharged from the Army and is now in civvy street. He still needs operations to get something like better mobility than he has now. I know of Royal Marines who also are injured.

We have decided to raise money instead of the local Hospice a place that looked after my Dad when he needed it most. Now we are raising money for the Help for  Heroes.

We have a big plastic bottle of the type that is used in office drink machine to dispense water. When recently filled a bottle and after counting the contents we found that it had £1,408.17p. Our previous best for the Hospice was £1,300 app. On Wednesday i took down to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham a cheque for £1,408.17 i felt proud af what we had done for the Heroes.

I took the money to the ward where when Soldiers return from Afghanistan injured this is the first place they come for treatment. We are now 2/3rd's of the way to filling another bottle so lets hope we can do as much as we did last time.