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Thursday, 19 October 2017

The walls are now secure

My friend who has just got herself a house in my village, well house may be wrong it was actually four wall's. The first job was to make the walls secure and now with no roof if the rains got into the walls then further damage may have happened.

Part of the walls had to be removed to create new window opening and also a new door opening to what will be the main entrance on the first floor. All the old stone that was taken down and the old roof beams had to be removed and that took over 10 trips to the tip.

 Internally there is still one wall to be removed but some of the stone will be reused on the gable end that was in a dangerous condition. The internal dimensions measure just 18ft X 15.5 ft not a huge size but enough for a bedroom, kitchen diner and bathroom.

At present the roof is being raised to lounge higher, the lounge will be upstairs as there will be three windows for light. The roof i am told is going to have more windows of the type made by Velux.

The walls all round apart from the gable end in the picture above have now been secured.

The walls are now being rebuilt ready for a new roof.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Desolute landscape

I received an email from a really special friend who has been offline for a while. After the savage fires we have just had I had decided to go over to his property to check it was OK. In the wake of the recent storms we had an inch and a half of rain over nigh the night after the fire. The next night we had an inch of rain, I have a big plastic container outside so I could see the amount of rainfall.

My friend owns a whole valley a really private secluded valley that has had in the last couple of years  almost 300 mostly fruit trees planted. This year was the first full year and everything was coming on a real treat.

Because of the rain I decided to walk over to the house in case the track had been washed away. As I left my van I could see the extent of the fire I knew what to expect total devastation. As I got close I could see everything burnt to a cinder every oak, pine and other trees I can't remember there names on one side of the valley gone.

How glad I was to see his house was totally unscathed not a mark the fire did no damage to the house not even a cracked window. My friend has about a hundred metres away a kitchen, toilet block and this also was unmarked so I was pleased to send him a reply to his email to let him know his house was OK.

Walking along to the valley i came across a wire fence that was the boundary to a Bee keepers piece of land. The fence post was burnt away from the bottom I also saw on the main road a telegraph pole that was burnt away just like this post.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

In August there was water

During August my daughter and family came to stay with me. During the days they went to the river near to Serpins not to far from my home to swim and sunbath. Every day there was plenty of water in the river to swim in and this was a local swimming spot.

Previous years this was so deep that there was a diving board on the left of the picture. Locals say they have never in living memory seen the river so low. Some of the locals are in there late 90's so it's been a long time since it was so bad.

Now you can see just how low the water is in the river. The rains normally come soon after Christmas, This Christmas everybody will be waiting eager for the rain to arrive.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Progress is being made

After getting my friend the house they wanted it's great to see already that progress is being made to the what was a ruin. It's not long ago that the roof and first floor collapsed due to the house had not been used since at least 1979.

It's good to see that my scaffolding is being put to good use. 

The first job is to secure the tops of the walls and then build up to roof level.
This picture is of the gable end that was taken down about 2 metres as it was seriously insecure so it had to come down and then rebuilt.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The TV room wall panel

I have made one of the two downstairs bedrooms into part of the lounge and now it's my TV room. On one side of the opening I have tried with some parquet flooring to make a panel instead of what I had original decided to do was use a plank of Chestnut.

If you can imagine this from the top of the opening to the floor. lots of hard work and sanding to be done but i will do it.

It may look easy but remember i am not a joiner but little more than a novice.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Price agreed

After finding the owner of a property my friend fell in love with she has now started work. Well that sounds grand but all that is  being  is getting all the old roof, floors, stones and  broken roof tiles out of the house.

It's all being cleared so that plans can be drawn and be submitted for the works to be done but first it all has to be cleared.

We now know that the last time someone lived in the house was before 1979 that's over 38 years ago. No wonder the roof collapsed  early this year.

It really does look dangerous and all timbers are well rotten.

On the left is something growing amongst the ruin.

It took a while before i saw what i now know to be a window seat. Just look close at below the widow frame It would be a shame if this feature was to be lost and also the other window is the same. A truley beautiful old feature.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

How it's done

I was asked by a friend how to find out the owner of a ruin in a village outside of Gois.
I first went onto Googleearth and took a picture of the village to identify the house. Along with this picture I went to the Financas " tax office ". Then of to the conservatoriea a department where house records are kept. At the Financas we identified the location of the house and the name of the owner. Then with this information we went to the conservatoriea and here we found the date the current owner brought the house it was 2005 and then the price paid for the house.

As the owner has two Christian names it was a little easier to use It was lucky that only one person in the UK has the same names but as someone had started a family tree to get any further information you need to contact the person who has started the family tree. This I did but got nowhere no reply to my enquiry for further information. Dead end hell no.

Back to the Financas and conservatoriea when we found out the spouse of the present owner. Sadly the owner was not listed on so a look on good old Facebook and guess what we found the spruce. All it took was a message to the spouse and not long later we had a reply. It turns out the spouse was at the village in question only last week and saw the damage caused by the roof falling in.

After a couple of weeks my friend and the owner agreed a price  and shortly the ruin will be sold to my friend and that's a good end to a lengthy process.

If you are a resourceful kind of person and you find the house you want just by looking around the local towns or villages then why go to an estate agent. You may not pay his fees but in reality you do because the owner has to pay the fees but he just puts the price of the property up to cover the fees. So find the house of your dreams and find the owner you could get a bargain because by selling direct the owner doesn't have to pay estate agent fees so you could get the house for less. Remember estate agents fees here in Portugal are about 5 to 6%  and that can add up to a lot.

So like I did with my car I didn't listen to others I did it myself. When you are retired you have the time so if this post helps you great it was worth me recalling how I did it.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I went to the old Pete's bar yesterday

Yesterday i went to what was known as Pete's bar on my way back from Coimbra. Talking with Barbara about how sales of the English food she no sells she mentioned that she now sells bacon and gammon. The bacon is 400g and cost 4.00€ and the gammon cost 5.50€ for two slices. They are now in my freezer ready for when i want a treat.
I took some pictures of her selection of English food and later i will put them on here.

This is the one thing that i think most Brits miss here in Portugal. I do make my own bacon but having it ready made  in the freezer saves time.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The walls came tumbling down

Thursday we start in Geoff's house taking down the integral walls that are not load bearing. I am trusted to make sure that certain works get done for when Geoff and better half come over shortly. It's nice to have something different to do and it's what I need while I am waiting to get timber to carry on with work in my house.

This is how the walls are made, mud is plastered on the walls and when dry they put use a kind of Lime plaster type material to face the wall when done.

My last trip back to Liverpool

I recently had a trip back to Liverpool reason being my Grandaughter had been to stay and at 14 years of age couldn't travel back on her own. To be honest I was glad to take her home as I was able to see lots of my Mum. I stayed both at my sons and daughters so it was a good trip and I even w end to see my best mate Dave's wife sadly Dave has passed away and wasn't there.

I had an appointment at Specsavers for glasses but I only wanted the prescription because you can get glasses much cheaper online. Martin Lewis from Monetsavingexpert fame recommended Glasses direct who last time for prescription glasses the offer was two pair for £19.00. This time there offer was two pair of prescription glasses for £16.00 including deliver. This time I needed a pair of glasses for driving so maybe I have been using my eyes to much but at two pair for £16.00 now that's a bargain.

Traveling over from Lisbon I only had enough with me for a 5day stay but it meant that I didn't have a lot of weight in my bag. A tip, I use a site to find the best prices for what I want to bring back 4 blocks of extra mature cheddar at £5 a kilo, 2 blocks of another extra mature cheddar at £4.55 per kilo. But this time I spotted in Aldi bacon joints this is something my Ex used to get early in our married life a nice bacon joint. The bacon joint is now in the freezer along with 4 lambs necks nice for a hotspot in the cold winter months.

I saw my friend Chicco today

I have had to wait so long for timber to finish the doorway I have created in my lounge. After promises I decided to write to Chicco's daughter who speaks quite good English to ask for the names of where I could find a place to get some Castanha.

I was invited round to see Chicco as he had some Castanha or Chestnut to you and me. When I arrived I was invited to come in to see Chicco who was resting in a chair by his veranda and I was welcomed very warmly.

Chicco his daughter Christina and myself went down into the workshop, now this workshop in its better days employed about 12 craftsmen so it is a very big workshop. The look on Chicco's face once he was down stairs in his workshop  was worth going to see him.

We were seen by some of his neighbours who Christina decided to open the door to let them come in to see him. I met the lady who found him after his fall and the lady who called for help and another neighbour. The language may be different but it was plain to see everybody was so pleased to see him. As they left Chicco's brother arrived and he speaks a little English from his time working in Rhodesia at the time it became Zimbabwe.

While looking round Chicco pointed to a huge pile a wood all neatly stacked and it seems it's what I am looking for Chestnut and after talking with Christina I may end up with the Chestnut I need.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Ain't life a bitch

If I offend anybody by the title I don't care. I have just had a call from a friend in Portugal and during the conversation I was told that they had been diagnosed with a aggressive form of cancer. Shit this isn't fair only a short time after moving to Portugal this happens I know some may say but that's life. After working all your life and this happens lt's not fair.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

If you think Royal Mail are bad

i have never had a good word to say about Royal Mail but in the six years I have lived in Portugal maybe they could be better than I remember. Low and behold Royal Mail own a company called GLS, most Expats will know about GLS. From reading comments on Various Expat forums delivery is normally upto 30 days and this is common. Why do the bosses of GLS get so well paid and provide a crap service?

For my business I first ask a supplier if I can use a courier of my choice to get and keep my business all have agreed. I use a company called who in turn use UPS as there choice of company to trust there business with. Delivery normally at best 66 hours from pickup to delivery but 75 hours from pickup at my supplier to delivery to me. I have arranged with a local garage to take in my parcels. The driver has told me he will only go to the garage if he is very busy and he normally comes up to my house.

A friends sent me a pack of labels thinner than a pack of computer paper and that was sent on the 14th August and to date has not arrive Why. The driver from the courier says the house was empty and it's returned back to the depot. Why are the drivers for this firm so bad and why is it allowed don't bosses at the company not ask why so much is taken back.

Below I have put four email addresses someone put up on a Forum called Britishexpats, if you have had trouble with this company email to all the below ID and I got a reply and it is below it comes from Andrew Moys.

Dear Mr Calder,

I'm sorry to hear that you have not been satisfied with the service you have received from GLS.  I have asked that someone contacts you about your concerns.

I will follow up to ensure that this happens.

Best regards,


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

49 year record gone

Today I was driving round a car park and instead of stopping to point something out to my granddaughter I carried on driving slow. Big mistake as I turned to go down the next row of cars I hit a sign pointing to the exit crunch I hit the post OUCH.

We all like to think we are perfect drivers but i was only a year of 50 years driving without a single bump. So here it is all my own work.

A real treat

Today on my way to Coimbra I called at what was called Pete's bar but it's now been refitted but it will still be referred to as Pete's bar. I had a look in the new English food section and the one thing that did surprise me was Blue Dragon stir fry sauces plus lots more.

In the bar is a fridge with pies, pasties and mini pizzas along with this was Pukka pies and Warburtons Crumpets. Crumpets and a six pack was only 1€ a bargain so I had to have them but I ordered four more packs to keep in my freezer.

I had two with butter on and they where just like Mum does for me. Mmmmm

Monday, 28 August 2017

Grandad it's raining

Grandad my granddaughter shouted it's raining but only when she called again did I look out and yes it was. By the time I went to look out from my veranda after picking up my IPad to take a picture it had stopped. I live in an area covered in forest and after little rain since early 2016 the place is tinder dry so any rain is welcome.

This is as much as i found when i went to take a picture of the rain and as soon as it came it was gone.

Driving through Vila Nova de Ceira the heavens opened and i got my granddaughter took this picture so you can see it does rain even in Portugal.

When i was sat on my friends veranda in Serpins suddenly there was what looked like a light show but with Lightening followed by thunder. The thing about lightening was that it happens so fast you can never time it to take a picture.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

One stop shop

For a while at least since I have lived in Gois one problem is translation. It's OK if you know the translator to use that doesn't translate in Brazilian Portuguese it's really Google Tradator.

Shortly a One stop shop is opening not just for translating from Portuguese to English but English to Portuguese. One problem for new English is finding Plumbers, Electricians, Joiners and much much more well the One Stop Shop will hold a register of local recommended tradesmen. Also the One Stop Shop can act as a go between should you need communication between builder who only speaks Portuguese.

Childcare, the other side of the One Stop Shop will be a school run by a teacher who schools her own son but more about that soon.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

No hose pipe ban

You have seen on the UK news when it's not rained for 12 hours all over the news it's time for a hose pipe ban. You will have seen it all before wrong type of leaves on the train track or its the wrong kind of snow or even in London it's the wrong type of water.

Now let me tell you a little story. When it rains here in January, February, March and April we have rain rain and more rain until early this year someone forgot to book the rain and what we received was not worth mentioning. So what happened well the sun has been out constantly and the temperature has been nice but we need rain.

From Gois at this bridge you can normally see the river flowing very fast. The river has dried up and the locals say this has never happened in living memory.

But i am glad to say there is not and will not be a hosepipe ban. Why it's not the UK.

This is the river Ceira and the water here should be flowing towards Coimbra  through Serpins

Land I don't want

I was lucky someone who comes back to Vale Boa a few times a year took over my plot of land why I don't know but he is happy having a plot of land to tidy up and do stuff on. I tried when first moved here to make use of the land and plant trees Orange, Lemon and lime to start and then plums, cherries and more but in the baking sun nothing happened the ground was like concrete.

But I had family stay and they wanted to sunbathe so the pictures below show just what they did. This is the lane outside of my house, the lane is not a through lane it comes to an end just past my house.

As only my neighbour and i use the lane it was safe to sunbathe in the middle of the lane . Yes i have a veranda but it's covered with Plant pots with Orange, Lime, Walnut, tomato and Black cardamoms growing. Pots i can deal with as there is no digging involved.

My new coffee table but I drink Tea

I found that I could remove the top of my old wardrobe and to leave the base complete with the draw and the top opens. I wanted to have the mirror of the wardrobe door in the top of the coffee table and I don't have the tools to make the top. I got my friend Robin who has a workshop and the tools to complete the job for me.

Looks great now i need the timber to do around the windows and make a new sill.

Come back Chicco

It's one thing Chicco no longer being able to work due to his injuries but he is sadly missed. I thought I was ok when I found someone who could get me supplies of Chestnut. After taking down a wall I then had to make good the wall I had cut. I have some timber but I still needed more but I have now waited four weeks and still have no wood. It seems the promise I had of timber was just that just a promise.

I found a place that supplies roof timbers so I went to ask if the had Chestnut timber but sadly they don't but they told me of a place I could try. I tried this company and found that they spoke great English so it was easy to tell them what I wanted. I emailed the sizes I wanted and waited for a reply and then it came and what a shock I got. After buying from Chicco for the last five years the price I got was a shock 96.40€ for that I would expect half a tree.

Chicco I am sure would have charged no more than 40€ if that but 96€ sorry I am not prepared to be ripped of. The picture below shows what I am doing I just need to face of around the opening and finish by the fire so not a lot.

One way to sunbathe

Apart from having my Daughter and partner  here my Granddaughter was also here visiting me. On our way back from a day by the river my granddaughter put her feet out of the window to sunbathe.

Much has happened and also not happened

The last three weeks has been difficult to say the least. I have had the Internet of for much of that time and at one point for a straight seven days. I will now catch up and I have much to post about so let's start here with the most unusual thing that happened.

My Daughter had been to stay and I was taking her to Lisbon airport, after getting up at 4am to get her there early and in plenty of time for her flight. Driving back home I stopped for a break and closed my eyes for a rest But and this is a big But. I opened my eyes and looked around and saw an Ambulance nothing new but this was a UK Ambulance including lights on top.

Now imagine waking up to see this it took a few moments before i realised that i was still in Portugal and somebody had this as a camper. But it was creepy seeing this.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Chicco News

Great news my friend Chicco is on the road to recovery i am so glad to say. On my way back home i pass through a village where Chicco lives. Being a good driver i was watching the road as i approached where there is a supermarket. OK maybe only I think i am good but that's not the point i saw a couple of young ladies talking nothing new BUT.

One of the young ladies looked in my mirror to be Chicco's daughter so i stopped quick and reversed and it was it was Christine who i know quite well. Christine told me the extent of the injuries he suffered  and they where life changing injuries but he is doing well.

While i was in Liverpool in May i sent a get well card just to let him know i was thinking of him. from what Christine tells me he was happy to get the card and it is on show in his room. I know where his workshop is but i didn't know where he lived so i had no contact to enquire how he was doing but i can say he is getting better and is having Physio therapy and is home of a weekend.

Everything i have done in my house i could not have done without his help, I even cut out a pattern for a window sill i wanted and he produced just what i want. 

Next time you are home Chicco  Tenha um bom fim de semana

Take care my friend Chicco and thank you Christine for taking the time to let me know how your Father is. 

For Christtine i have translated the above

Boas notícias meu amigo Chicco está no caminho da recuperação, estou tão feliz em dizer. No meu caminho de volta, eu atravesso uma aldeia onde vive Chicco. Sendo um bom motorista, eu estava assistindo a estrada quando me aproximei onde há um supermercado. OK, talvez, só acho que estou bem, mas esse não é o ponto em que vi algumas jovens senhoras falando nada de novo, MAS.

Uma das jovens senhoras olhou no meu espelho para ser a filha de Chicco, então eu parei rápido e revertei e foi a Christine quem eu conheço muito bem. Christine me contou a extensão das lesões que sofreu e eles onde mudaram a vida, mas ele está indo bem.

Enquanto eu estava em Liverpool, em maio, enviei um cartão bem-vindo apenas para que ele soubesse que estava pensando nele. Pelo que Christine me diz que estava feliz em receber o cartão e está em exibição em seu quarto. Eu sei onde é a sua oficina, mas eu não sabia onde ele morava, então eu não tinha contato para perguntar como ele estava fazendo, mas eu posso dizer que ele está melhorando e está tendo fisioterapia e é o lar de um fim de semana.

Tudo o que fiz na minha casa, eu não poderia ter feito sem a sua ajuda, eu mesmo cortar um padrão para um batente de janela que eu queria e ele produziu exatamente o que eu queria.

Da próxima vez que você estiver em casa, Chicco Tenha um bom fim de semana

Tenha cuidado com meu amigo Chicco e agradeço a Christine por ter tomado o tempo para me informar como é seu Pai.

Pete's bar has gone it's changed hands

As the title says Pete's bar at Ponte Velha is no more. I went in today as I always do when in the area and I found that Barbara the cook has taken over. Lots of new changes are coming so watch this space.

So Pete's gone but what's new well the two things i know are that they are going to sell a good range of English food for those who can't do without English food. once they get settled in they are going to have a monthly barbeque in the car park over the road in the car park.

Amongst the range of English food is i hope to be selling a range of Organic Spices and also other Spices on request.

My suppliers tell me the reason that most of my range of Spices are not certified Organic is the farmers are so small the cost of being accredited as Organic cost to much when a farmer may only have one acre of farm.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

What road narrows

I went to the tax office today to pay my business tax. Driving down the lane i use to go to town i came across this sign at the side of the lane.

The lane is only as wide as my car or van this should have been Man at work but maybe they don't have a Man at work sign.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Tax time

Being a registered business here in Portugal every year I have to submit my accounts just as businesses do all over the world. Unlike the rest of the world when I went to the local tax office there computers where broke or as they say they where down. I went back the next day and again the computers where still down.

This second nd time when the computers where down was the last day to submit my accounts. However the office manager was happy to submit my accounts when the system was up and running. Today I had occasion to go to the tax office and one of the staff called me over to check my name as they had a letter for me. The letter was my submitted accounts completed and the total I was to pay was 67.44€ that's more than double what I paid last year. Last year I paid 31€ much better than the many thousands of pounds I paid each year in the UK.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Started on the TV unit

The new extended part of my lounge will become where i sit and relax of an evening and watch TV. I had planned to extend my existing unit and Chicco made the base out of Pine not Chestnut. When he corrected it he gave me the Pine unit as it was of no use to him the shape it was. I have used it as a template for my new unit and i was able also to use it to mark out it's position.

The picture you see is with the Pine unit that i used, i will pass this now to a new joiner i have found who will make me three shelf units. Once done i will then start to make the sides to take the doors for the front

I have to put the base in before i can complete the last of the skirting. Behind are 8 sockets to power everything.

Friday, 28 July 2017

It's coming together at last

Over the last couple of months i have been making my lounge bigger by opening the second spare bedroom. I took out a wall and door and frame to open the lounge and bedroom into one.The walls and ceiling have been replaced by putting battens on the wall and using insulated plaster board. The ceiling was also done by dropping it by about 120mm and with the addition of a ceiling fan and 4 LED lights.

The only outstanding  job is trimming around the windows and i now have found where i can get Chestnut to match everything i have done. I also have to move my TV unit as this is going to be the part i will use most as it feels so comfortable.

I had wanted one wall a different colour and i used grey but it didn't look right. I tried first with a white strip but again it's didn't look right. I looked at a site that did house renovating and saw a wall with a strip so that's how i got my strip on the wall. It was only after i did the black strip that it all came together.

Using LED lights if i have them all on at once i am using only 23w to light the room. That works out at 44hrs of light for only one unit of electricity or about 18 cents.

This is an area i am most proud of but for so long it was hidden by my dinning room table now it looks so good.
I have a tiler who is coming to tile the outside wall after the wall first is insulated.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Didn't sell my wardrobe

I had advertised the wardrobe out of the bedroom that is becoming part of my lounge. The wardrobe was a bug ugly thing and i offered a fair price only to be insulted by the offer i was given. So i cut the wardrobe up because i could make something better from it.

What an ugly piece of junk and i was glad to get rid. But below is a picture of what it may turn out to look like.

I intend to close up the draw so it can't open and have the top so it will open upwards. The base i am sure i can make it look like Chestnut and the table top will be made from Chestnut. I put this in my lounge to give me an idea of what it will look like finished.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sockets and lights done

The white strip you can see is going to have a grey and a red strip when i finish  the painting. I have varnished the skirting boards ready for when i am happy there is no more painting to do.  Then the next major job is to sand the floor again and varnish it. I will have when i finish 20 sockets in a room the size you can see.

This is the only light on at the moment as i am waiting for the main LED lights to arrive.

I managed to get one length of coving up today before i was called out but you can see how it looks.

Here is where the new TV unit will go and 8 sockets for power. To include land line phone, phone chargers, modem the TV and computer  and lastly there are 2 sockets for the mini LED lights.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I do like the look of these lights

Today i finished the walls and ceiling in the extension to my lounge. The walls now have all the joints filled and skimmed as does the ceiling. All the wiring has been done and tested as the picture shows the mini Led lights to go around the ceiling are on for the picture. In front of the mini led lights will be coving to cover and make good the top of the walls.

In the room will be 20 sockets OK maybe a bit overboard but better to have to many than not enough. Eight sockets are for phone chargers, computer modem, landline supply etc. Before i fit the surround to the windows i am replacing the windows first.

Around the opening i will face everything of with Chestnut now i have found a new supplier.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

After the Fire

Today i went to visit a friend in Colmeal on the edge of the recent fires. Thankfully he was away in the UK so he was safe away from it all. I saw a hillside as i drove to his house and i had to stop and take a picture.

The firefighters are truly amazing just look at the picture.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Finally started

Last week i got most of the floor sanded and after waiting i decided to make a start by starting on the outside wall. These outside walls will have insulated plaster board to help keep the house warm in winter.

Most of the floor sanded ready for me to start on the walls.

I am to impatient to wait for my friend Robin to come and help so i started to put the Battens up myself. Plaster board next.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Mum

My Mum 92 years young and today one of my sisters sent me this picture. After a recent serious illness it's good to see Mum looking so well.

 I don't know apart from leaving a comment but i would like to know the countries that my Mum's picture is seen.
So please go to comment and just type the name of the country you are in.

Please Please Please leave me the name of your Country.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

First the tent, well dust sheet

When i came to complete the bedroom i had my friend Robin come down to help me put up the plasterboard. Robin called a few days early while i was about to put the battens up ready for the plasterboard. Robin offered to help and watching how fast he was we did the room together. My van is to small for the timber i need for the wall battens for the walls so i must wait for Robin to be ready.

To keep the dust out of the lounge i have put up a dust sheet to try and keep my living area clean.

Today i started to sand the floor ready for varnishing. Sadly it means getting down on your knees when they are past there best. Taking breaks this took me three hours but i have lots of time.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Used scrap timber to get measurements.

I have got started again after a delay this week, I needed to measure just what timber i needed for around the opening i have made to make my lounge bigger.

I used scrap timber to put in place so i could use it to get my measurements from.
I want to cover the concrete Lintel with timber but it has to be chunky looking.
It was so easy to get my timber list by doing it this way.

I have new ceiling fans on the way from Liverpool, Led lights and ceiling light fitting. I have them coming from Liverpool because The light fitting i had when i moved here are not available here and i want them all the same. The same goes for the ceiling fan they all have to match.

Friday, 23 June 2017

North sea to Liverpool

Hi All

I am proud to say my Youngest son is doing a coast to coast tandem canoe row. He is going from Goole on the north sea to Liverpool and it's a total of 164 miles. This is the first time that anybody has donethis and i am proud to say my son will be the first to do it with his friend Damien.

If you can spare any money my son is doing this for a Hospice in Liverpool who looked after Anthony's Grandad my Dad. Also he is doing it for his fiancées Uncle who sadly has recently passed away. All you have to do is click the link below and any money donated goes direct to the Hospice.



We have all seen the pictures

On TV in the News and even on Expat Forums we have seen or read about the dreadful here in Central Portugal.

The Bomberios are really the bravest of the brave doing a job for FREE yes free as most are volunteers. Yes they are fighting fires and not getting paid for it fighting till they are almost exhausted. That brings me to the picture below, i don't know what site i found it but so tired.

Well earned sleep and we are all so Proud of each and everyone.

I am told by some local friends that they saw me on TV as i dropped of at the local Bomberios station where i live 96 bottles of water. These guys and girls need to rehydrate as they must sweat with so much clothing on while fighting the fires.