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Friday, 15 December 2017

It's almost Christmas but what about

It's that time of year again , seems just like last week and Christmas is being planned.
The children have a list so big millionaires could just about manage to fill all that the want. Mum's and Dad's all have there secret with that they would like from there other half.
You may need to plan for  those in-laws, grandparents and so many more that puts a strain on finances and then it's gone all this worry for one day.

But yes a big BUT what about those who own Chickens not the eating Chickens but the ones who give you with Love eggs all year and ask for nothing in return. What about them.

This year i posted 2 Adds offering something free to a good home. Now if you are a regular reader you will know about all the wood work i do. Believe it or not but i create lots and lots of saw dust. Being kind i decided to offer Free to a kind home for Chickens saw dust. Now that;s about the best i have been for a long time and i made a point of it being free. It seems that nobody cares enough about there Chickens to get them something for Christmas.

Shame all the love the Chickens give in there eggs and nobody wants to give them a treat.

Rant over


  1. Poor old turkeys will be feeling really stuffed and sitting along side roast potatoes, turnips and other greens floating in gravy and after, be a bag of bones. Maybe you can understand why some become vegetarians. What I find dreadful is the way animals of all kinds are sacrificed in the name of food, and then the food is not eaten and the poor creature lost its life for nothing. A sinful act.

  2. Maybe the Turkeys could have the Sawdust would they like it i ask??????