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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Spare a thought

Below is the text i have just put on a couple of Forums i am a member of. I was appalled to be told a sad story of someone because he was speaking to a woman he thought he could get away with verbally assaulting someone at the end of a phone. Well sorry but as the person involved called Fiona i couldn't just say nothing after speaking to her so often she has become a friend.
Hi All

As many of you know I have mentioned a service for my business I use called Pharosparcels. I have mentioned it because many members need parcels delivered and my experience may have been of help. 

Today I am sad to say when I called to arrange another parcel to de dropped off and not collected by a driver. Fiona at the end of the phone told me how an expat in Portugal who claims to be ex military gave her the most disgraceful verbal abuse.

This all came about because a badly packaged parcel had to be repackaged by UPS. It seems it arrived with no damages or anything missing. Then why give verbal to someone sat at the end of a Phone. 

Moral of the story make sure any parcels you have sent over from the Uk are packaged correctly.

Sorry for this rant 

Happy New Year to all Forum members


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