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Saturday, 2 December 2017

The tank gets more done

This last week i have been lucky to have had a friend stay for a couple of days and again he stood over me so i could do more to my tank. I can say when i finish that i have done wall the construction work my self.

I am having a steel cage made to ensure that with the pressure of the water the front stays leak proof.
The cage is designed to fit into the holes you see in the block work. In front of the steel door will be a tank to take the heat from the door for water changes.

All round the sides and back there is the kind of steel you see when a concrete floor is being laid For those who don't know it's called Rebar.

This is a Pacu and is related to the Piranha but this fish also has a family member called the Red bellied Pacu that looks so like the Piranha


  1. You are a brave man on this fish tank project Peter. How do you intend sealing it against water seepage. Looking at the brick height, you've got about 17 psi at base level.

  2. Hi Ashley, after building a 8ft deep Koi pond this poses no problem it's all in the preparation. It's more difficult deciding what fish to stock.