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Friday, 29 December 2017

Ahhhhh Dinner

Today like most days I have to decide what to have for dinner. Like most days I have to go to my freezer and get something for dinner but today. Today I decided to have a tidy up in my freezer and it did need a good tidy.

I am the first to laugh at the amount of people who spend vast amounts of money on English food that can be found in local shops or the nearest big market. Well today the laughter was on me because every trip I make to the UK I bring back Cheese. Or if I am having a parcel made up as I am doing now. I am having a Dust extraction unit sent over for my workshop. In my parcel will be a few treats including more Cheese as usual.

This is my stock of Mature and Extra mature Cheddar Cheese.

Tea bags are another thing I get bags of Typhoo tea bags but the biggest that has 1,100 tea bags in. I have about a quarter bag left plus a full bag of 1,100 tea bags so plenty to keep me going for a while. That along with my Cheese will keep me going for a while, I have 11 blocks of Cheese each 750g that's a lot but better to have it than need it.

The downside from freezing Cheese is that the Cheese crumbles more than normal but better that than not having any at all. One little tip if you make your own burgers that try crating a good helping of Cheese into the minced meat plus a good pinch of salt then grill or fry.

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