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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Come to a halt

i was so pleased that I had got so many things started after receiving my latest machine a planer thicknesser. It was ok getting so much done and so much started until I broke a vital safety bracket on  one of my machines that I had to use next to cut all the wood I had prepared for round one of the Windows. I was able to get the sill completed but it's all the other pieces that I can't finish.

I had sent for an Orbital sander and now it's come I can get six bases for table lamps ready for varnishing. Now I need to learn how to use a spray gun so I can varnish the window parts for the frame and my table lamps.

My fish tank is a job I will get on with when I have nothing else to do. Today I went online to find the best price for lighting for the tank. Amazon UK £9.99 plus delivery. Amazon Germany 10.99€ plus delivery. But Amazon Spain 10.99€ for three 32.97€ free delivery and a 3€ discount. Sorry UK free delivery from Spain is a better deal.


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    1. Oh great Peter. I'm delighted you've made progress but sorry to hear you broke the machine. And, about the other comments against this post. Don't it drive you mad that some idiots will use your site for marketing purposes. I suggest you black list the poster. My news, I finally got my water supply back. Can flush the loo now.