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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Another one bits the dust.

Another one bits the dust. so the line in the song says.

2016 gone but for me a good and bad year good for all i have got done in the house. Bad well that's personal.

It's time for me to wish you all well and i hope that the coming year will really be the best for you it can be.

So here's hoping all your wishes come true and you have a great 2017. Me i am opening a bottle of very old Hine Antique before i go out.

My best wishes to you all and to that one special person who is dear to me and still in Liverpool.

Happy New Year to you all.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Merry Christmas to you all

Well folks it's that time of year. For some it's been a good year and for some a not so good year.

All i can say is i hope you all enjoy the Christmas holiday and have a really great New Years eve and that your New Year is even better that the last year we are coming to an end of.

Last year i found a Santa cartoon that i found funny so this year i couldn't decide the one to post so you get two this year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. A special happy Christmas to YOU.

Monday, 19 December 2016

I'ved had that chair for more than 30 years.

Lots of little bits are coming together in time for Christmas. I was asked by a family member how i was getting on in my bedroom and i was reminded that i hadn't posted how it looked.
I still have one unit for my jackets to complete but here is the half near the window looking down the valley.

I am proud of what i have done because like everything i have done it by myself. It started with an idea and went from that simple idea to what you can see now.

 This is the other unit complete with my Jackets etc TV what more could i want.

I have the LED light's for the skirting between the units and the side of my bed.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Coving done

Now i have finished the coving and put the collar around the top of the chimney i can put my ladder away.
I must admit i found the coving a challenge until i watched a video on Youtube. I needed a Mitre block, i got Chicco to make me one that fitted the coving perfectly and after that it was easy.
I have one window frame to do in Chestnut if i get the  varnish in time and one wall to paint and it's time for a break for Christmas.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

TV unit

I get my TV via the internet and so i need a computer nothing wrong with that. I needed somewhere to hide the base unit so i came up with this idea by putting the TV in the corner of the room.
Today i went to Chicco to collect the next piece to carry on making my TV unit. Like everything Chicco makes it was a perfect fit BUT i find i have no varnish left so it has to sit there until for now. I am waiting now for the 2 side pieces and the doors

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Anybody can have the ordinary

But not me.At school i was not very good at wood work Unlike a friend who made an electric guitar and it worked and he used in a group he was part of in the 60's.

I have said it before and i will say it again i don't want in my house what you can by in the B & Q type stores i would rather dream of my own. Then plan what i have in my head and the picture below is something i have finished today.

On the wall is the main fuse supply that can't be moved but there was nothing to stop me hiding it. Behind the books is the electric fuse and my next plan is to have the books cut down so they don't come over the edge of the shelf. The bottom picture shows.

Not something you will find at B & Q. Plenty of Bee's wax gave it the look i wanted.

One thing i don't want is having anything hanging over the edge of the shelves. Shame the books have to be cut down especially as these books are all about Liverpool.

I made a feature underneath of the left side of the shelf. I joined two pieces of Chestnut together to show of just how nice this wood is that i use a lot of.

Monday, 12 December 2016

It's getting near Christmas

It's getting near Chritsmas and i am trying to get finished lots of bits. Under the roof space i have a vast storage area and today i fitted the door frame a loverly chocolate colour. While doing this i knocked a roof insulation panel out of position so that's to be done when i can get to it.

The door is going to have the type of hinge that you normally find on the doors under your kitchen units. Problem is i don't know how to mount that type of hinge but i know a man who can but he's away in the UK at the moment but when he returns he is going to come round to fit the door for me.

The picture below looks like the panel is not straight but it is it's just the angle of the camera.

You can see the painted part on the right and that's the size of the ceiling from the ceiling below to the floor above. Now from the light brown above the paint to the white line below the brown that's the new space between the lounge and bedroom. This is before i put up the door frame.

This is after i put up the door frame. It's 34cm from ceiling in the lounge to the floor in the bedroom.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Ceiling now finished

After much hard work i have now finished the ceiling in the front part of the lounge. The rear part of the ceiling is waiting for the electrician to complete the lighting and switches to be done. The ceiling has had 4 coats of paint today and then i could fit the lights into there position. To complete the job the ceiling fan was put up and tested.

Now i have to put up the coving but that's for another day.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Don't forget paint the Gnomes

I am please to say that one of the people who follow my Blog has become a good friend. His name is Ashley i mention his name because he said that the story i am going to tell was OK by him.

Ashley look me to see the house he found a little further South from where I live and he truly has found his place in the sun. I will post a link to his Blog as its not my place to tell his story apart from about his water supply.

On Ashley's property has a bore hole and it's 88 meters deep and the previous owner says she has used the water for drinking and cooking for so many years she has forgotten when she first started to use her own water. She also had water supplied by the local council because if there was a power cut she would still have water.

Where the bore hole is it has a concrete to on it to obviously protect it. On top of the concrete top the are four Gnomes who look to be protecting the water supply from thieves.  Sadly they have been on guard for quite some time and need a little bit of painting so Ashley your first job is to get your Gnomes painted and looking like they should be.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

President Hollande

A little while ago i read a story on the BBC news website. It was about the French Government granting a medal to all the soldiers who took part in the invasion in 1945. I knew about the Normandy invasion and the stories of the beach landings.  My Dad was awarded a Campaign medal along with all those who took part on the first day of the Liberation of France. In fact Dad had three Campaign medals as he took part on three Campaign invasion in WW2. 

President Hollande at the 70th anniversary paid a tribute to to the brave British fighters who took part in the Liberation of France. The news story on the BBC website prompted me to contact the French Embassy. I received an email after applying for a medal for Dad and sadly i was turned down. It would have been nice to have the medal in place with all his other medals.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

1st December it's here again

Well the first of December for me is the start of the Christmas period. Although the TV has adverts for Christmas since not long after summer for me it starts on the 1st December. Last night i got out my tree and decoration ready for putting them up today.

Each year i get Margaret out to sit on top of my tree. This year she has lights in the shape of Skulls all very prity.
She is now a skeleton because i never feed her before i put her away after Christmas some years ago. Without having anything to eat before going to sleep till the next Christmas she ended up and just a bag of bones, but my bag of bones.

These two are all i have left from my previous married life but better nothing to show for all those years.