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Monday, 17 May 2010

Peter's walk

The country side around Gois is like many other areas of Portugal stunning and spectacular and is as good as any where in the UK. The Peace, the Solitude, the Views and a sense of Calm what more could you want?. After living and working in Liverpool i look forward to the peace i find as soon at i get to Gois.

Every day during my stay i always start my day with a walk in the morning. My walk starts at the bridge that spans the river Ceira just above where the river Bar is to be found.

I then walk along the side of the river towards the village of Carcavelos.

Part way alone the river is a Weir at a place where the old buildings have been restored to provide somewhere to change for swimming. Behind the weir the water is deep enough to swim in the crystal clear waters.

In the above picture you can see the road that leads to Carcavelos and in the background you can see the mist over the hills in the distance. At the point in the road that i stop and have a short rest before i return to Gois is a small wall where i stop and sit. On the many times i have walked along this little road i have only seen one car pass me. As i sit on the i am always disturbed by a couple of dogs that are in an enclosure. These dogs just yap and yap for the time i sit. Once i move on they stop yapping and all is quiet again.

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