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Sunday, 30 May 2010

A visit In November 2009 and not alone

Towards the end of November 2009 i visited Gois again but this time i came over with my Son. As there where no flights i had to fly into Faro airport and drive up 500Km to where i stay in Gois.

The car hire at Faro airport was about the best i have had. I used before at Porto Airport and found them the best to use. AT Faro the car hire is in the Lounge when you come out from the plane. Across the road as you come out of the Airport is a car part and the car is waiting there ready to drive away.

The drive north was uneventful Just 500Km of road mostly motorway. The difference being none of the bad driving found on the motorways in the UK. This time i did not have my Satnav so the trip was easy till i came to turn on the motorway and go inland. Once i got to Penacova it was easy as i had driven that road often.

The picture above is of a traffic island and at this point at Penacova is just a case of follow the road for about 26Km and it leads straight into Gois

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