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Sunday, 10 October 2010

It happened 42 years ago and fresh as yesterday

On the 8th October Forty Two years ago i went out with a girl called Sue and we agreed to go out again the next night. As i had a car her dad asked to see my Licence Oh well it's like this i don't go in for my test till the 10th October. You can imagine what his reply was but No will do.

Well the day came for me to go in for my diving test. Well i passed first time and i had only had ten lessons. When i got back to work Steve my boss gave me the afternoon of so i could go out for a drive now i was legal. The fist place i went was down to the M6 motorway that had not been open long. That drive was one i will always remember. The evening of the 10th October i again went to see Sue but this time i took my pink slip to show her dad that i had now passed my driving test. Well after that we got on fine.

The best bit was after going back into work the boss's son took his test the next day and failed.

Well Sue and i parted soon after but the 8th to the 10th October hold something special in my heart. The 11th of October is also the birthday of my Sister Susan who is also my eldest sister.