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Thursday, 28 August 2014

9 year old shooting an UZI 9mm

A part of my life in the UK a long time ago was my guns and being a member of a gun club. I was a member of a gun club and until Tony Blair stole my guns from me i enjoyed my time at the local club.

On the BBC news today i saw a report in America yes again in America guns. But in the report was a short video of a 9 year old child being shown how to shot a gun. Not just any gun a Uzi 9mm, the instructor was shown changing the gun from single shot to fully automatic.

When i used to shot my Uzi i would use both hands to make shooting more comfortable. To allow a small 9 year old child to shoot a gun without the strength of an adult if foolish.

Sadly the recoil was such on full auto the child couldn't control the recoil and the instructor died of a head wound. It was also reported that there is a age limit of 8 years of age at this club. Children as young as 5 years old are allowed under supervision can shoot a 22 calibre rifle.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Who needs an English builder?

Today a friend had a builder start work in replacing his roof. At 8am this morning they started to remove the old roof tiles. A total of 4 men worked on the roof and by 5.30pm the old roof was removed and the roof had a foil backed covering and then metal instead of wooden battens fitted. Half of the front roof and all of the rear had been done as the pictures show.

All to often i see and hear people asking about English builders or English speaking builders wanted. This is the second time these builders have been back to work on this house.

I am getting the same builder to skim the gable wall on my veranda, the reason being that i want a better finish as i use my veranda quite a lot so i want a better finish. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014


While i was looking at a picture of my family at the river bar i noticed something that looked a little odd. I enlarged the picture and below is a part that i edited for my Blog.

We all had a laugh at the time so i decided to share it and i do hope you find it as funny as we all did.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Nothing better than going for a swim.

Last night instead of sitting at home enjoying an evening with a cold beer and a nice meal I was out at Porto Airport. It was time for me  to collect my favourite granddaughter Chelsee. Chelsee may be my favourite but she also is my only girl grandchild before someone thinks i have favourites.

Not just Chelsee who is 11 years old but my son and his partner Charlotte and her sister Loraine and her daughter Ava who is 6 years old and the car was full.

Chelsee  just about to go for a swim and her goggles for swimming underwater. Just look at the background much better than going to the indoor swimming pools in the UK.

If you stand still to long the fish start to pick at your feet.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nearly time to fit my bath.

In my bathroom the wall where the bath is to go the wall is 138cm and the new bath is 140cm. I am lucky that the wall has so much render that when i cut it of the bath will fit. The ceiling is complete and painted and the lights are in and looking good. I have fitted 4 LED's each 5w but the light it gives is great. The LED's will be perfect for when i go full solar but that will have to wait till next year.

Because i have now got my bath it means that the toilet will now have to be in the corner where my Corner sink was to go. Now i will have to get a sink to go between the bath and toilet instead of my corner sink.

Where the door used to be i have made a window and moved the door. The timber is a beautiful aged Chestnut and the colour is very good. I am ready to order the glass and get it fitted sometime next week.

Pictures to follow

Would you believe that people from over 50 countries read my Blog

From someone now living in Central Portugal i started this Blog so i could let my family see how i was getting on in my new life. One day i saw someone reading from Uzbekistan on the Caspian sea.

I started to keep a log of some of the countries from the Stats i receive as of today i have had people from 50 plus countries reading my Blog. The list below if from the 1st August to date.

Yesterday someone from Turkey looked at 53 pages. Someone with to much time on his hands instead of working.

So i hope that you carry on coming back to visit and keep up with progress here in Vale Boa

Saturday, 9 August 2014

I was told " Sorry but Yorkshire Bank never had a branch at that location "

First i want to say a big Thanks to all those people who replied to my plea on Facebook for help. Please read below for this story.

I became 65 years of age and as a pensioner i received my state pension however in about 1985/6/7 i paid into a private pension.sadly nearly thirty years later i have forgotten the name of the company i paid my pension to. I paid only for the first year and then need all my money for a business.

I called a few Pension companies that i could have used but after checking they couldn't find me on the system. One company even suggested to contact my bank, now why didn't i think of that.

I contacted Yorkshire Bank who had a branch in Liscard Village near to where i lived at that time. Now calling from Portugal most numbers on the Bank website are all 0845 or similar except for stolen or lost cards where you get the following number +44 141 951 7315. I called and spoke to what seemed a nice helpful young lady, but one who seems to know not a lot. After explaining the nature of my query she told me after looking that Yourshire Bank never had a branch in Merseyside. She even told me she would call her head office and again she stated the same but perhaps i was mistaken for the Yorkshire Building Society. I insisted that it was the Yorkshire Bank and with that i  hung up.

I spent most of the afternoon looking through every website i could find for old photos of Liscard Village but unfortunately i found nothing.On one site i saw a mention to a Facebook page called " Old pics of Liscard, Wallasey, Merseyside. " Much is said today Social media but i could never have thought i would get the help i have received. As i look at Facebook now there are close to 100 replies and likes. I have received pictures and also from a member of staff from the branch i had my account at also i was told that all accounts when Liscard branch closed where transfered to Birkenhead branch. 

I will have to now wait till Monday to contact the Yorkshire Bank but this time with the help from People from the Wallasey and Liscard areas i should at least get an answer.