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Saturday, 9 August 2014

I was told " Sorry but Yorkshire Bank never had a branch at that location "

First i want to say a big Thanks to all those people who replied to my plea on Facebook for help. Please read below for this story.

I became 65 years of age and as a pensioner i received my state pension however in about 1985/6/7 i paid into a private pension.sadly nearly thirty years later i have forgotten the name of the company i paid my pension to. I paid only for the first year and then need all my money for a business.

I called a few Pension companies that i could have used but after checking they couldn't find me on the system. One company even suggested to contact my bank, now why didn't i think of that.

I contacted Yorkshire Bank who had a branch in Liscard Village near to where i lived at that time. Now calling from Portugal most numbers on the Bank website are all 0845 or similar except for stolen or lost cards where you get the following number +44 141 951 7315. I called and spoke to what seemed a nice helpful young lady, but one who seems to know not a lot. After explaining the nature of my query she told me after looking that Yourshire Bank never had a branch in Merseyside. She even told me she would call her head office and again she stated the same but perhaps i was mistaken for the Yorkshire Building Society. I insisted that it was the Yorkshire Bank and with that i  hung up.

I spent most of the afternoon looking through every website i could find for old photos of Liscard Village but unfortunately i found nothing.On one site i saw a mention to a Facebook page called " Old pics of Liscard, Wallasey, Merseyside. " Much is said today Social media but i could never have thought i would get the help i have received. As i look at Facebook now there are close to 100 replies and likes. I have received pictures and also from a member of staff from the branch i had my account at also i was told that all accounts when Liscard branch closed where transfered to Birkenhead branch. 

I will have to now wait till Monday to contact the Yorkshire Bank but this time with the help from People from the Wallasey and Liscard areas i should at least get an answer.

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