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Thursday, 28 August 2014

9 year old shooting an UZI 9mm

A part of my life in the UK a long time ago was my guns and being a member of a gun club. I was a member of a gun club and until Tony Blair stole my guns from me i enjoyed my time at the local club.

On the BBC news today i saw a report in America yes again in America guns. But in the report was a short video of a 9 year old child being shown how to shot a gun. Not just any gun a Uzi 9mm, the instructor was shown changing the gun from single shot to fully automatic.

When i used to shot my Uzi i would use both hands to make shooting more comfortable. To allow a small 9 year old child to shoot a gun without the strength of an adult if foolish.

Sadly the recoil was such on full auto the child couldn't control the recoil and the instructor died of a head wound. It was also reported that there is a age limit of 8 years of age at this club. Children as young as 5 years old are allowed under supervision can shoot a 22 calibre rifle.

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