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Thursday, 23 March 2017

March and my fruit trees are opening for the coming months

It's only March and Gosh my trees are doing well blossom ready to burst open and my grapevine awake already.

This is my Lime tree just starting to get it's blossom to open. Will this be the year i get my first Lime who knows.

This is the larger of my two Orange trees and it's almost ready to open it's flowers for the Bees to find.

My grapevine is now awake and ready to start to cover my veranda and offer a little shade.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Bad on the knees

Today after a final sanding of the floor i started to put the skirting boards in place.

I used a very strong adhesive to hold the skirting boards in place. In the UK the adhesive would be called NO NAILS. but i needed a couple of lengths of timber to push the skirting boards into pl;ace for the adhesive to set.

Thursday i should have my varnish delivered i hope so i can get the floor finished.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A window sill

Before i varnish the floor i am doing the window frames and it's not easy. The existing sill is made from concrete and to put my wood sill in place would have looked odd. The concrete sill just had to go but it didn't want to go even with a hammer and chisel.

The sill was as thick as the timber sill i had made by Chicco to go in it's place. Having used a hammer chisel before to remove concrete i didn't expect it to be this difficult. It took over an hour to to remove this sill.

After removing the concrete sills i put the new wood sills in place to see how they fit and looked. Unfortunately my friend from next door Fernando called round with a bottle of Port with a date of 1978 on it. Fernando has dates on all his drink collection. Fernando has hundreds of bottles of spirits and some i don't recognise  and all dated.

Friday, 10 March 2017

My hidden door.

Robin took over when i asked if he could help me lifting all the plasterboard panels and with the ceiling. Robin is a joiner and i asked if he would make my door for me. I planned the door out and he said get the timber and i will soon do it. I went to Chicco to get the wood cut and soon gave it to Robin to work his magic and the pictures below show what a good job he did.

Here is the door closed before the plasterboard goes up . When the plasterboard is up and painted the door needs trim around it to complete the look.

The door half closed, the door slides back into the wall and is hidden away.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Waiting for varnish to be delivered

Well here we go again while waiting for the varnish to be delivered i have just got my window sills from Chicco. I have put one in place to take this picture to see what it will look like.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Desicion made

A friend i had shown this picture to was a little shocked at the shutters till i explained that i was going to replace the windows and shutters.I will replace the shutters for blackout blinds like i have in my bedroom.

I am held up now by Chicco as he is cutting the Chestnut for the window surrounds and the new sills.

I have ordered 5 litre of varnish and 2.5 litre of a floor sealer to go down before the varnish and the jobs done. Once i get my sealer delivered i can get the floor finished. The floor has already been sanded and it has a sheet over it to protect in.

Woke up early at 9.25am

 Anybody who knows me. Anybody who calls me. Knows I don't like to be disturbed before 10 AM in the morning I do not do early for anybody.

 Today as I lay in bed I was woken by the phone when I answer the phone it's with my youngest son in Liverpool. Today was his driving test  he was so excited to tell me he passed his test first time he is the only one out of my three children to have passed there test first time and I am so proud of him.

Of my three children I am sure that Anthony will be the one to have a love of driving like I do and I wish him all the best in the world and long may he enjoys driving.