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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A strange one about Facebook

I went onto Facebook to see how an old friend was getting on today. What i found was i couldn't get onto there Facebook page and upon investigation i found i was blocked. I tried to contact my friend who by email told me they hadn't blocked me and there Ipad was being repaired. I know the system and for someone to be blocked you have to go into Facebook to block someone there is no other way.

If there had been a problem i would have expected to have been told but to be lied to i am not bothered now. For a friend to try and kid me that they didn't block me is a shame and i hope they don't now get in touch and say OH sorry it was a mistake.

Seems I was wrong my friend didn't block me from Facebook but someone in the family had because that's the way it works you have to go into the setting to do it.


  1. It happens Peter. People ate a bit odd sometimes. Funny how they can get peeved just because they don't like something you've said! Bit like the Forums. Funny lot on there sometimes!
    Wouldn't let it worry you. Life's too short mate 😂
    All the best,
    Chris n Hellen

  2. Shame Chris as it was a really really good friend