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Thursday, 17 March 2016

House falls down in Vale Boa?

I had a call today by a good friend asking if my house was OK. I asked why and he said that he heard that a house in Vale Boa had fallen down. I said i had heard something the day before and had a look as the ruin next door to me is in a very bad condition.

After going out for a walk to have a look around i found in a little alley way part of a roof had fallen down. From what i had been told it was a major fall and one of the locals wanted to report it to the local Camara " council " the pictures below show just how bad this fall was, the rubble would fill a couple of wheel barrows.

Some major fall i don't think.

This picture was taken from my veranda and you can see the roof has fallen in on it's self now another dead property never to be used again.

This is the ruin next to my house that has fallen in on it's self a long time ago. The owners want 10,000€ for this pile of stone. I want it just to remove a couple of trees in my way but not at 10,000€.

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