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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Something really weird going on

To trace a friend I used and as my months subscription is up soon I decided to do a little digging. I started with my eldest daughter. Her mothers name on the record Is Sobinska it should read Sobieska OK a simple mistake. The records all name the mothers maiden name why I don't know as we where married.

I then looked at my eldest son born  towards the end of 1979 and no record maybe because his birth wasn't recorded till the beginning  of the next year but his birth year was 1979 I should no being his Dad. Also the records show two with the same name but one in 1980 and  the other in 1981. Again both with the same mothers maiden name, born 1979 records show 1980 and 1981????

I also did a check on my other two children and at least the records are correct for them.

Now come on Births, Deaths and Marriages what's going on, to much Vinho at lunch time

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