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Monday, 25 January 2016

The end for us.

In August i posted about at my age getting a girlfriend. The problem being that we where 1,500 miles apart and speaking on Facetime and Messenger just wasn't enough. As soon as i arrived at Christmas that It was plain to see that the distance was a problem. Although Cathy doesn't work she looks after her grandchildren and there was little time for us.

It was either one of us changed our living habit or we split and sadly that's what happened. Time will show if we can somehow carry on as just friends, i have no desire to start flying back to the UK every chance i get because i do two markets a months with my Spices.

Cathy is up at 6am for a shower, get dressed and to her daughters to look after the children. Then she gets a few hours off before it's back to the school and it's time to feed the grandchildren. Then home and bed for 9pm to get some sleep before it all happens again.

It's sad that things couldn't work out but hopefully we remain friends.

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