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Friday, 29 January 2016

It's operation day

Well it's operation day today for my daughter and to be honest I don't know what to expect when o go to pick her up some time later as I think she will be out later today. She needs to rest and do exercises she has been told to do, my granddaughter and I will have to make sure she does them. Well 6pm and my daughter was home in a little pain but home and now my work begins in helping her.

After being discharged my daughter should have had some dressings to take home but she was so eager to get out and home she left without them. OK but it was me who had to go out today to get dressings from the chemist, the outside temperature was 5c and it was windy all the way. I will be glad to get home at least today it's 14c that's a lot better than 5c.

I mentioned about Steve my school friend well I hope Corrina is well enough in a few days so I can go out with Steve and Martin. Steve is playing in a club in Liverpool so it should be a good night. Much as like many I hated school but getting free was good but 50 years seems a long time  to do a catch up.

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