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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wow it's hot

Sitting here I was getting a little hot so I put my aircon on to see the temperature in my lounge, the display showed that it was 36c. See the picture below. I only use the aircon of a morning if it's feels a little chilly when I get up. I insulated the floor from below with 200mm of insulation when I first moved in  4 years ago. The lounge walls I insulated from the inside with insulated plasterboard. Shutters cover the windows at night but the ceiling is next to get done.

Ideally I would take up the floor in the loft but it's already a room up there so without doing damage to the floor the only option is to insulate the ceiling and put in a false ceiling. To use excess heat I will have a vent to the room above so as to heat what will become my master bedroom. Also the log burner chimney goes up and straight through the ceiling and straight through the loft to close to the ridge beam at the top of the roof. The chimney is made of steel and gives of some heat and the vent should make the master bedroom should be nice and toasty. If it gets to hot then I will install aircon. When I moved here I had this already planned this so I have a new and unopened aircon unit down in my cellar. That's all for now

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