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Thursday, 21 June 2012

It did start off a good day.

The day started of nice, i was up early, cup of tea and breakfast of Egg and cheese on toast. The bread i make myself and this one is a fruit loaf with lots of big Sultanas in it Mmmmm.

I planned to go to the Market at Arganil as i have two big water containers to sell. The containers are on an open trailer and look like new so they should sell no problem  well i hope so.

When i got to Arganil i found that some of the roads now are one way but around the Market  barriers had been put up to keep traffic away. It would have been easy to find somewhere to park my car but i had a big trailer behind me. After much driving around i had to give up and go home.
 These containers are not easy to get in this area and i have two. I don't want these two i just want to sell them.
These pictures show only one container but i do have two. I am going down to Gois and i will park up and leave my car and trailer on show so hopefully i may get someone to buy these of me.

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