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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tomato's, my tomato's are starting to grow

I went out to water my plants today and found my first Tomato's. The only time i had anything to do with Tomato's was when my Dad grew them. If i saw any side shoots i had to remove them and when i was old enough i was allowed to go to the nursery to get them. Normally 6 Moneymaker and 6 Alicia Craig or Alicante.

Below is a few pictures  of my Tomato plants with Tomato's on them these are only the start of things to come.

I will be watching these daily to see how they progress.

I must give credit to my friend Richard whose help and advice has been in valuable. I now have a compost heap thanks to Richard.

In the center of this picture are two Tomato's it seems that everything will grow here, roll on the coming months.

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