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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cherry wine whatever next

As much as i pick the Cherries from my trees there seems to be just as many. Today i picked more again well in  fact what i am doing is just cutting down branches as it is easier to pick them from a branch. It's better this way than climbing up trees at my age.

I picked about 4 lb and decided to make some wine. I had all the stuff i needed sent from the UK well a shop in Liverpool. My sister Jackie's friend Cathy has just been over here in Portugal with her brother. I had seen them both at a car boot sale and a few days later they called with some bits in case i could use them or get rid at another car boot sale.

This is the steamer and juicer that Cathy gave me. She could not have known just how much use i will get from it As each fruit season comes in i will be making wine.
 This is the juice being taken from the juicer to the bottle. A clear bottle would have been better but as this is all i have it will have to do.

This is it juice in the bottle and all that's needed is to top it up and away we go. Pity it's not a clear bottle but as it's all i have it will have to do for now.


  1. Try one of these, cherry vodka, ohhh.

  2. Now that could be the answer to making a spirit from the Cherry wine i have just started. Thanks for the link