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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Spuds up.

Over the last few days i  noticed that one of the potato plants seemed to be dying.  I decided to have a look so i started to expose the roots by using my hands to remove some of the soil.

The picture shows the two potato's that i found under the Plant that looked like it was dead.

Now i have to decide what i am going to do with them, what can you do with just two Potato's.

One idea i was given was to make Crisps with them, i am not to sure about that. To make Crisps i would have to use to much Olive oil.

I could wait a week and dig another plant up to see what i would have then. But for now i am proud to have got what i have, it's more than i have ever done before. 


  1. Peter, had they died after they had flowered as flowering is usually a good indicator that the tubers have reached an edible size, but not all varieties produce flowers. Dig up one plant or investigate with a trowel to see if the tubers are ready. They are best harvested as needed, leaving the rest to grow on

  2. Hi Pollianne Thanks for that i will do as you suggest. Thanks